My Weekend Body Detox

Now thru Monday try and fit in some time for a little chillaxing and an easy body detox. Since coming from Las Vegas where I feasted on Breakfast in bed, to Dim Sum 🥟 (which is Chinese Brunch) and other delightful Vegas meals. I need a body breather.

Here’s what I’m doing this weekend. YOU can too!

1. Drink lots of liquids.

Fluids flush out your system and any digestive bloating you may feel. Never mind happy hour drinking. So stay hydrated. I love love love 💦 water.

2. Enjoy Fruit.

The ultimate snack! The more the better. Cantaloupe 🍈 and strawberries 🍓 are my fave. Fruit helps with excess sodium, puffiness and bloating. All kinds of fruit 🍌 will do.


3. Give yourself a face mask. Add some cucumber 🥒 sliced thin on your eye area and rest while the mask dries. This de-puffs too.

A clay mask works wonders. It cleans, tightens and makes your pores happy! It really helps to draw our impurities and puffiness!

Bye Bye puffiness & bloat!
Facial Detox!
My fave is a Clay Mint Mask!

Have a fabulous relaxing 😎 and fun 4th of July weekend! 🇺🇸

Eating well & self-care is the best care you can give yourself!