noreenB53A7512_printHello, Gorgeous or Handsome,

My name is Noreen Young and I am in love with ALL things beauty and food! I also am an avid foodie and love to hunt down food trucks across the country! Cooking,entertaining and putting lipstick on my lips gives me a thrill.
I am blessed to be one of the most sought after speakers in the spa, salon and beauty industry.

I have had the pleasure of powdering the noses of  guys like actor Martin Short, Sports icons like Al Michaels, John Madden and other sports Celebrities. I also do makeup for TV commercials and print ads like Roux-Revlon Professional products, Wrangler jeans- Italia  to name a few.

I adore the girl next door and making her look and FEEL gorgeous too!

I have worked with the fabulous designer Diane Von Furstenberg, The Nancy Grace Show and the Larry King Show.

I love whipping up food for my Southern husband, beauty in my kitchen and wearing it too! I am from New York and now live in Florida too!

I hope you like my words from a day in my life and my heart.


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