I love coffee & I love TEA!

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It is a very foggy day here in Florida. The sun looks like it wants to peek in but the fog is in the way. Mother earth is talking and flowers are popping even though it is still our winter here.The flowers and birds tell me spring is on the way.

How’s life going for you? Staying safe and healthy I hope.

Today is self care Sunday. I don’t really know who started and declared it a day but I seem to always honor it and do something for my face,skin and body on Sundays. Not just the basics of skin care but do a bit more. How about you? Do you enjoy and partake of a little R&R too?

The first thing I like to do is plan a drink. It can be a pitcher of water with fruit or veggies infused.

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It can be a pitcher of Champagne cocktails or as simple as a sipping a cup of coffee like cafe au lait I make at home or an aromatic cup of tea.

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And today I have decided to do a fresh TEA bath treatment. Let me show you how I make and do it.

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Fill green tea in a Muslim bag, bundle in cheesecloth or paper tea filter from a gourmet or tea store.

Run a warm 🛁 water bath water .

Place the tea bundle in the bath water.

If you have muscle aches or want a bit more to the bath add some Epsom salts to the bath water.

The tea helps with stress, body aches, swelling and A just a plain tired body.

Day or night the time is right!

Remember to always make time for you as you take care of your family too. But you have to practice self care and self love ❤️ to be able to continue to take care of others. Theres only one Beautiful YOU!

Do you know your skin type? Really?

Because you asked I sought out a fabulous educator in the spa industry and business owner Victoria Tabak. She is not only a skin care expert but following her on Instagram is so much fun. So, if you haven’t discovered her or her brand yet you might want to look her up @victoriatabak for her expertise and skin care words of wisdom.

CEO of Nature Pure Labs and so much more!

Mom, Educator, Speaker, Writer, Licensed Esthetician

Meet Victoria!

Every beauty and skin care professional has their take on beauty and her’s is spot on with mine. Here is a mini test to determine YOUR skin type.

An easy way to determine your basic skin type is by answering these 3 questions

  1. Do your pores look large or small? Larger pores are typically associated with oily skin, smaller pores are associated with more dry skin.
  2. Does your t-zone get shiny or greasy in the t-zone area of your face especially midday? This is typical with the most common combination skin type.
  3. When you press with your thumb on your forehead does it leave a white spot surrounded by redness? This typically means you have sensitive skin.
  4. Hope this helps you determine your skin type at this time. But keep in mind your skin changes with the seasons, weather,stress,your diet and daily life. Please remember your skin WILL change as you age and time goes on so you will have to re-evaluate at some point as well.
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Happy National Lash Day!

Celebrating false eyelashes and lash extensions all day. You know I love sharing beauty secrets or new trends with you…

This is a beauty and skincare must have!

Lash Savers… A silky protective mask for your lash extensions or if you wear your faux eyelashes to bed. Worth looking into http://www.lashsavers.com

They can also be used as a sleeping 😴 mask too.

Lashes for Days!
Lash Lifts or False Eyelashes

Do you know how National Lash Day even started?

House of Lashes created this holiday to bring attention to this part of a persons face. so glad they did. I love ❤️ celebrating all kinds of holidays especially when it comes to beauty!

Juicy SEXY healthier looking lips…

Anybody who knows me knows I am in LOVE with and adore all things lips 👄 and lipstick. As a beauty and skin professional I like to and NEED to stay informed too!

So, in scrolling away I did a little research and discovered this beauty gem.

PMD Kiss System

This system is a smart anti-aging lip 👄plumping treatment that gives you those pretty rosy lips like when you were a child or girl growing up. It uses a pulsating vacuum technology and a specially formulated serum to create a fuller appearance of lip volume says the company and I truly agree. The company recommends you use it daily to boost collagen and create long lasting plumped up results.

It is lightweight,travels well on a road trip or in your purse and has everything you need.

👄A small Kisser

👄A large Kisser

👄A Lip plumping serum

👄A Kissfoliator (wish I created that cute name)

The top two are the Kisser 👄 tips. I tested both tips and decided the small one was shaped just right for fitting my lips.

It has two treatment speeds.

If that wasn’t enough it also has a Kissfoliator to kickstart those dry lips (now even more since we are wearing face masks 😷 (OR covers) This device head tip removes dead skin cells gently by using an anti-bacterial aluminum oxide crystals for smooth kissable 💋 lips! My second fav’ thing with my lips!

I love the way it pulsates and has a vacuum technology that when you are using it it makes a KISS sound. Like you are really kissing!!! Too cute.

I love the way it boosts collagen production and the appearance of fine lines. While I don’t have those lines YET I am happy to be pro-active and helping my lips 👄 look the best they can be.

If you smoke or used to smoke it may just help to smooth out those pesky lines with use and plump up circulation too!

So, I hope I have taught you about something new and it just may be for you!

Happy Hydrating, plumping! I hope you have a weekend full of … 💋 Kisses!

Happy Galentine’s Day! ❤️

Prepping for my Super 🏈 Bowl!

I’ve had my share of making up sports celebrities from NFL football players, sportscasters for FOX Sports, ABC, NBC,CBS and more. It is work with a view in the sky box some people envy and would be thrilled to be in my shoes!

My husband often says I am so ungrateful because between powdering their faces I read Allure magazine and European & Asian fashion magazines.

Now I find myself loving doing my thing, cooking and getting some yumminess ready for my husband to enjoy if he happens to watch the game. And taking care of ME and enjoying some self care time.

So with the pandemic I have more time and not on a plane ✈️ on the weekends for work. Sunday is now my day.

While the Super Bowl goes on I will cleanse, steam, detox,hydrate my skin, help my eye area, sip and play away! I might catch the half-time show. I’ll see how that goes.

If you’re not much into football?

Perhaps you’ll join in on the fun from your house and get all the essentials you need and want to use on your face and body. You may not have to look far. You might just have these kind of things at your house.

My Super Bowl Beauty Time!

So here’s my plan.

I’ll cut up a fresh lemon 🍋 and 🍊 orange and make fresh fruit infused water but not from tap. This time I’ll prepare it with sparkling Perrier water for a fun twist.

After I wash my face I am going to steam my skin with my Mini Nano Facial Steamer. So refreshing, helps the pores and makes my skin look dewy too.

I’ll rinse my face with Intrinsics natural cotton cloths.

Afterwards I’ll pull up all my hair away from face and into a ponytail and apply a honey hair mask that is like an Asian sheet mask for your hair. They work wonders!

I’ll use some Vitabird Vitamin C Powder to brighten the skin.

Next I’m going to use a Korean Beauty AKA K Beauty Cucumber 🥒 Face sheet mask.

I’ll use my Agate Gemstone Facial Roller to help massage yes goodness and ingredients in.

Then I am going to use my Inna Organic eye mask and give a treat to my eye area.

Keeping our skin well moisturized is so important and I am so crazy about Honey Chai lotion by FarmHouse Fresh. I’ll even leave it on my feet sometimes and put them in a pair of clean white cotton socks overnight.

While these are working their magic I’ll apply my Tealiscious Green Tea lip treatment on my lips. Great to use a bit outside the lip area as well. Especially if you have sun damage and or smoke or vape. Gotta take good care of those lips. Nowadays especially since we are wearing face covers and 😷 face masks even more!

Beauty Bonus:

If you’d like and have the time … earlier in the day or later while the game is going on. There is nothing like a bath! Really! A shower simply won’t do! Light up a faux or real candle,set the mood with your fave music 🎶 and get in a warm not hot bath. Either a bath bomb like a invigorating Watermelon scented Bath bomb by Bath Nectar or a bunch of bath bubbles.

Get lost in the bath and let those cares go away from the day or week! It not only makes you feel good but smells good and cleans your skin beautifully!

I hope you have a fabulous Super Bowl Sunday if you live in the USA and that you take some time even if it’s just 10 minutes for you.

Galentine and Valentine Gift Ideas they will LOVE!

Photo by Molly Champion on Pexels.com

Valentines day is right around the corner and I AM stoked. I am in love with Valentines day. It is my favorite time of year! Not only because it is that time Conversation Hearts arrives on the store shelves but also because I LOVE sweets.

That is why I named my blog Beauty Candy!

I love ALL things beauty and candy!

So for my beauty and lifestyle segment on TV this week I am featuring a few unique and fun gift ideas.

  1. Nothing like sending or giving a ❤️ LOVE letter! To your sweetie,your Galentine,your sister,your brother or your dad and mother! Now in the pandemic being a year I have no fear of telling them how I really feel! Life is short!~ Tell them how you feel. (A home-made card works too) Spread LOVE. Bonus: Spray the letter or card with your fav’ perfume or aftershave. Your card will be unforgettable! Add a box of chocolates and or Hershey’s Kisses and they will love it even more.
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Give a SPECIAL gift if your budget allows. Create a legacy gift with artist and make-up artist Barbara Pinson!

Look what she did for me! I sent her my order request via email. A photo of my lips with a pretty in pink lipstick I created on it and she turned it into a masterpiece fashionable gorgeous SCARF! Yes, silk and made and designed with ❤️ LOVE. I am so delighted with what I purchased from Barbara Pinson! She can create something for you. It can be a photo of your mom,daughter,doggie,cat and she makes them on scarves,pillows,purses,tops and more! She is located right next door in Atlanta. Follow her on Instagram and see all her beautiful art and custom designs.


My very own lips 👄 painted on a scarf!

Another fun idea is to fill a box or gift bag with all things …. makeup,skincare,perfume,bath and body,nail polish,vanity decor and so much more! Part of the fun of giving this gift is selecting what is going in the gift box or gift bag. ❤️

Photo by Giftpundits.com on Pexels.com

Fill a box with all things beauty! Or pick a theme like Nail Polish and anything mani, pedi to do with the fingers and toes.

Gifts for the FOODIE are another layer of unique gift fun! You are only limited by your imagination.

Why not give a book on all about TEA and add a box of aromatic jasmine tea or tea accessories with it. Tea is so good for us! The tea lover or health enthusiast will appreciate it! ❤️

Photo by Frantiu0161ka Ambru00f3zyovu00e1 on Pexels.com
BelleandBella Yogurt Machine

Buy them a YOGURT machine where they can make their own at home for one,family and friends. Better than that sugared up version and preservatives at the grocery store. YOU control how it is made and what it contains. It is also easy and fun! The entire family can be a part of it. Great for hut health too! ❤️


Fill a Chinese Take Out Box with a gift card,a gift or a gift certificate for TAKE OUT food. Add a pair of fun Chopsticks kissed with lips 👄 and they will really flip!

LipSticks 💋
Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

Gifts for the FOODIE are another layer of fun. How about a coffee ☕️ mug filled with a gift card to her favorite coffee house. I found an adorable one that reads “The bags under my eyes are designer”! So adorbs!

Most of these ideas were bought locally and Atlanta too.

Bells,TJMAXX, WholeFoods, Dollar Tree,Dollar General, Noreen Young.com and a few more. NOTHING is expensive! Some start at ONLY $2.00!

Hope these ideas help you and get your creative juices going. Love is in the air with the start of February.

Feel and spread kindness and ❤️ love.

Day 31 of some of MY Beauty Secrets

Thank you for popping on by and viewing and messaging how much you enjoyed my Month Long Beauty Secrets. I appreciate you!

I also want to thank you to my new blog followers.

Some are simple tips, some are not and some may be ones you haven’t heard of or thought of.

Many of you have told me you don’t even know them and that’s OK.

I just love ❤️ the beauty of learning something new every single day!

Here’s my final tip as we end this month.

As we move forward still in uncertain times with this pandemic still with us. I hope you will reflect and start to think about upgrading your self care Take care of yourself better than before and above all take time for YOU!

I know our day to day lives and family and work gets busy for us. But what I realize even more so is our mental,face and body health are very very important. Since we can’t get out and do ALL the things we used to be able to do! Start with the little things that you can change or do. Stay positive. Keep in a happy place. Keep going!

So, make a plan…

Start a new skin care regime.

Give yourself a glowing golden glow! Just for fun!

Get a new haircut!

Try some new hair color even if it’s just the tips of your hair.


Discover a new fragrance to add to your collection.

Time for a change? Switch it up!

Update your nail game and buy some new nail lacquer hues!

Find a new shade of lipstick to add to your life!

Day 30 of MY Beauty Secrets

DON’T pick at your pimples! No matter what try and stop the urge. Not only does it spread bacteria 🦠 but it can cause scaring.

Always seek a Deep Cleansing facial with an esthetician.

If you don’t have money to spare or you don’t feel safe getting a facial now. At least ask an esthetician’s for a product recommendation to take care of your skin. Most likely like me they would recommend a salicylic acid to heal.

Don’t make your skin worse. Be careful. It’s the only face you’ve got.

Don’t squeeze those zits!

Day 29 of MY Beauty Secrets

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

If you D.I.Y. color your hair at home and I know many of you are with the uncertain times were in. You need to be armed with not only the box of color but this! Vaseline is a gals or guys best friend in so many ways!

Apply a thin layer of Vaseline at your hairline.The petroleum jelly will form a barrier so the color doesn’t seep into the skin and creates a protective barrier. YOU DON’T WANT your face and skin to be shades of red,brown,chocolate and or a pink hair color hue. Stay safe and protect your skin too.


In a pinch and don’t have any Vaseline? Try a bit of coconut oil and apply it the same way.

Day 28 of MY Beauty Secrets

As you know you shouldn’t go to sleep with a full face of the days makeup on!

Photo by iCapture Studios on Pexels.com

I see there are some girls and women who are wearing a full face of makeup under that face mask. You wonder how I see their faces? It is usually BEFORE they put their mask on in the parking lot. Or I see the eyes, forehead or sides of the face around the face mask.

But there are also many of you are turning only to eyeliner,eye shadow, mascara or just false eyelashes on…you need to make sure you remove ALL of that nightly. Don’t get so lazy that your skin will suffer or worse yet you get an eye infection.

So, two things you must remember to do for eyes.

False eyelashes need to be removed nightly.

Place eye makeup remover onto your lashes for six seconds or more and then remove by pressing gently and wiping it all off. I prefer using cotton rounds. Repeat the same for eye makeup. Don’t tug or pull on your lids and lashes. Please!

Photo by Ali Pazani on Pexels.com

Also be careful to alternate between basic mascara and waterproof mascaras. Over time your waterproof mascara will destroy your lashes and maybe even a loss of lashes.

Remember your eyelashes need a bath too! There are a few new products on the market to do just that safely and without destroying your lashes.

As a professional make-up artist I have seen it all through the years. Be gentle. Eyes need to be treated well and with lots of TLC love. They give you eyesight daily. Treasure them. Protect those eyes and eyelashes.