Have you heard?

Smith’s Rosebud Salve! 

The skin savior for winter weathered skin!BLOG Rosebud



Rosebud Salve is all the beauty rage with models,makeup artists and celebrities? I so covet it’s beauty benefits too.

This salve has so many uses and is an old time apothecary brand.

The jelly like balm/salve is good for:

Your lips!

Your cheekbones!

Your cuticles!

Your wild brows!

Your stray hairs around your forehead and hair line!

Your soles!

Baby bottoms if you need or on chapped baby cheeks in a pinch!

A little goes a long way…it has a wonderful rosy scent too.

Think about adding it to your beauty routine!!!


Create a Beauty Ritual

Not a boring routine.

Today’s tip  is a continuation to my series on skin and making it look better in the new year. January is a perfect time of year to do this! As a skin care therapist and professional makeup artist…I thought you’d like these tips especially to start fresh in the new year. They say it takes 30 days to start a habit. Let’s see how you do.

The ritual I am writing about today is all about the basics.

I realize many of you may be quite savvy and already have one but many girls and woman have no real regime nor do they have a clue. That’s OK I am here to help you.

THREE simple steps:

Clean your face with soap or a creamy cleanser. That deodorant bar you use between your legs and on your feet does not belong on that pretty face darlings!

Tone your skin with a refreshing skin toner. My fave is rosewater. You can make one from scratch or buy a bottle already made. It smells so divine and is so soothing and hydrating to the skin. If you have sensitive skin this is for you too.

Don’t forget to hydrate your skin with a basic moisturizer. You know even oily skin or combination skin needs moisturizer. Not just dry skin or very dry skin.

After you have mastered these steps and formed a ritual for your skin… add an eye cream or gel to the regime. The eye area is the lightest part of your skin. So, you need to give it a different kind of attention and product.








I thought my face was clean…UNTIL

glycolic pads blog

I carefully washed my face with facial soap and warm water with my sonic cleansing unit. My skin felt so clean and fabulous.

Next, I gently swiped a new detoxifying and glycolic filled  pad across my skin and stopped in midstream only to see there were traces of makeup and I wasn’t fully clean!

Be still my heart! I was so shocked to see the dirty little secret still on my face.See my pad? I rested it back in the container so you can see. The photo only shows you so much. It was dirtier than it appears.

The message here for you is…always clean your skin with TLC and don’t think your complexion is fully clean until you are clean. This is the only face you’ve got and you only get one shot in life. Keep it clean and give your skin the time and attention it deserves.

Got Smokers Lips?

Give your lips a hydrating & firming lift with the help of a sheet  mask made JUST FOR THE LIPS!  Apply on freshly brushed and clean lips. I never smoked but I do this on my self and recommend you do it weekly. If you don’t smoke you can still enjoy it’s beauty benefits.

Leave on at least 15 minutes. 20 minutes even better!

Do not rinse.

Follow with your fave lip balm. Rest up,Buttercup!photo lips blog

The best dream cream I found!


I now live in sunny Florida and have learned a thing or two about protecting your skin and eyes. Since I moved here from up North I have had skin cancer that was almost fatal. Thanks to Mayo Clinic to the rescue I survived and am alive!

Everyone always asks me what is my fave skin care secret or face cream brand …my answer is the same every time.

SUNSCREEN that’s my dream cream. And a pair of sexy protective sunglasses.

Whether you live in Florida or another part of the country you need to wear sunscreen every day and not just on sunny days!


photo SUN

This is a picture on my iphone of a mural. It is one of  my fave pieces of art I found in my TRAVELS…I cannot help but LOVE it’s sunshine and glow! I keep it as a reminder to take care and don’t stop wearing sunscreen. MY dream cream.


Not so golden …Globes!

photo Golden Globes.JPG

I always watch award shows!

I enjoy following the makeup,hair and fashions of Celebrity stylists and makeup artists. No, I am not necessarily into who wore what. The average woman and girl can’t afford those prices and a designers clothing doesn’t make ME!

But lately with all the political points of view and not so funny anger and comments I stopped watching. I knew I wouldn’t enjoy the show and the sea of black dresses. The GG are a happy event to celebrate the arts and to award the actors,directors and all the creative talent behind those movies that make us cry or laugh until our mascara runs! NOT to tell me their political views,insult our President,talk about racism and women done wrong. A show like that is not where it should be. It has its place but I don’t think at an awards show.

I WANT to be entertained and enjoy watching the gracious winners.

But last night it was so cold in Florida I sipped some hot cocoa,laid in bed on my cozy flannel sheets and did a little spa night. Then it hit me I really wanted to peek at the makeup! SO,I caved in and peeked in only for a few in and out fleeting moments.

Here’s my beauty takeaway…

Fresh faces were in! Not only on the young but the women in their 50’s. They wore makeup but the makeup didn’t wear them!(My signature MANTRA and saying when it comes to makeup).It was evident they had facials,body treatments,been buffed,sloughed,a bit of Botox added and more.

The makeup hue of the night that reigned supreme was not the smoky eye and traditional red lipstick but baby pink to pinky lavender and a wash of color and liner around the eyes! The lips were rosy. The cheeks were as if they were just pinched! Very soft and very pretty.

The hair on some celebrities made me want to brush their hair via the TV screen and was a bit ratty and a bit too messy.

Breasts were plunging & out and the center of attention. Kinda crazy to me when they don’t want sexual harassment and for this issue to stop in Hollywood.Yet the dresses of choice said something else. Leaving nothing to the imagination.

What did you do? Did you watch the Golden Globes last night? Do tell.


I did happen to catch Oprah and her acceptance speech. SHE was amazing as she always is. i have always been a fan. Perhaps celebrities should all get their $$$$ TOGETHER with or without Oprah have a night just to talk #MEtoo and talk about all the views they peppered into the GG and other award shows this past year too. That would be a whole other show and a more fitting show and place to discuss the movement.


Masks are Super Hero’s!

…for your complexion especially when they are sheet masks. I know what some of you might be thinking SHEET and face masks do they go together?

Well… a sheet mask is a mask infused on a sheet that fits your face.It has openings for your eye,nose and mouth so you can breathe and see. I think sheet masks are INSTANT gratification when you want to look good fast! And on the cheap$

Some are infused with Hydrating,brightening,calming,soothing,detoxifying  ingredients and so much more! Tonight I used this mask before I went out for dinner with out of town friends and my husband. My face was craving moisture! Were freezing in Florida. I’ve officially turned into a Southern belle! I hate it. As a Northern girl I should be used to this weather but not. My complexion is taking a beating from Frozen!

blog photo rosy mask


As I put on my makeup my skin was so happily hydrated and my makeup went on like icing a cake. Silky Smooth! If you haven’t tried them YET or if you have add more of them to your skin care  wardrobe and explore! You will LOVE the way you look and the way your skin feels too.


Let off some steam and clean!

WFM GROCERIES doorstep 2015

I love to cook and whip up  beautiful things in my kitchen.

Now, that WE ate everything in sight over the holidays,the winter season is here and your skin is starting to lose a glow…it is time to stock up on a rosemary plant,lovely lavender or dried rose petals.D.I.Y. and get a winter high with this refreshing aromatic treat.

My new fave is to use a piece of lemongrass that I cut in half. It infuses the most awesome scent!!!

  • Then all you need is a clean face and a bowl of hot water that you boiled on the stove top.
  • I like to use a glass bowl that you can see through.
  • Next, toss a few herbs or flowers of your choice. What are you in the mood for today?
  • Bend your face over the bowl and place a tea towel over your head and try and get your face to be the center of attention.
  • Allow the steam to rise and touch your face.
  • Do this for at least 5 minutes or until the water cools.
  • Your face will sweat and be damp. A good sign! The dead skin,traces of old makeup and impurities will sweat out.
  • Wash your face with a lukewarm washcloth and use your fave facial toner or astringent.
  • Add a few drops of moisturizer and eye cream.


Give it a whirl girls! Let me know how you like it.

Your skin will say AAAHH!

Cookies for your…SKIN!

As the saying goes you are what you eat! So is the same for what you snack on!

I have a major sweet tooth.But am trying to curb it and eat better when it comes to that. Researchers say “Your skin ages faster from EATING and drinking sweet things”

Cookie Bar 2017So who wants that? NOT me. I had a sneak peek into the world of NeoCell  last month and TESTED and found a healthier different snack. It is their NEW cookie bar  that comes in several flavors. Not just any cookie bar it is a COLLAGEN cookie bar that your skin will LOVE too.


Gluten Free

Grass Fed Collagen

This is a mouth-watering,Paleo friendly bar packed with high quality fats,fiber and 6.4 grams of grass fed NeoCell Collagen.

Collagen is a nutritional powerhouse protein that provides the building blocks for connective tissue throughout the body.

Nutritious can be delicious!

I love the Peanut Butter Crunch since I love peanut butter!

I have shared this awesome brand with you before and will continue to spread the beauty and skin care love it gives my body,hair,skin and nails. I hope you enjoyed my new find for healthier skin and you!

For more info go to their website http://www.neocell.com

Skin glorious skin!

I’m talking about that skin you are in. It is that time of  year to re-valuate & reflect what’s working and what’s not. I know a lot of  your shelves or baskets are over loaded with skin care,beauty and grooming supplies.If you have not seen the results you were looking for and you’ve used most of the product maybe you should move on. The key point here is you cannot use a product on and off for a few months sometimes and or whenever you feel like it and complain it did nothing for your skin.That isn’t fair to the skin care product or to your skin. That’s where beauty regimes come in. A regime and set times to maintain your skin is important.

As a makeup artist and skincare therapist I have a lot of expertise to share.This month I will share a skin care tip a day that I do too. Tried and true. I hope you will come back and enjoy them,try them and be inspired by them too.

Today’s tip is all about sleep!

No one face cream is going to do it all. No matter how much it costs!

You need beauty sleep and when you rest you need a quality pillow and pillowcase that is made with a luxe material and made to protect the complexion as you sleep. Basic or cheap ones can scratch your face. They are fine for lying on your stomach or under your feet but your face needs the best!photo Jan 1,2018 blog.JPG

SAVVY Sleepers is for you. I sleep on this pillowcase nightly.

This pillowcase also has a bonus like protecting your blowouts helping them last longer and help prevent split ends.

My husband keeps stealing my pillow on the bed…I think I just have to buy one for him. He too loves the way it feels next to his face.

FYI this is the way the case looks(it is the one from my bed) and the COOL eye pads I found at a big box retailer are great for chilling in more ways than one. I like to use on tired or puffy eyes. Aren’t they adorable?

So,go check out the Savvy Sleepers website and see what the beauty buzz is all about.


Doesn’t, my pillowcase look luxurious? I wish you could feel and touch it via the screen.


Look forward to DAY 2. See ya tomorrow?