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All made with expert-approved ingredients.

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Tres chic,sleek and color filled!

Fashion Month just wrapped, and we’re are feeling some major outfit inspo. We’re not quite sure how it always happens, but outfits somehow magically get better every season. A couple of weeks ago, we rounded up our favorite street style looks from New York Fashion Week, and today we’re covering our favorite sidewalk looks from…

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Oscars are beginning to be so yesterday…

I so wanted to enjoy the Oscars from my hotel room. But it was a struggle. With all the statements the celebrities,winners,producers and other people are trying to make in the minutes they have on stage…I find it hard to tune in.

Not sure if you watched the Oscars but since I am in the beauty industry and a blogger I thought I owed it to my career to take a peek. I found myself flipping channels.

photo Golden Globes

Jimmy Kimmel and his opening opinions and comments turned me off right away. He’s lost any charm he had with me over the years. INSULTING OSCAR in all his golden glory and penis talk was vulgar and I am far from a prude!!! And the Oscars/Academy invited him to host.Makes no sense. Not FUNNY Jimmy.

Here’s my take for what it’s worth!

Viola Davis was my BEST dressed choice. That pink slinky dress was everything to me!

Jane Fonda,Laura Dern,Tiffany Haddish,Margot Robbie,Mary J Blige,Margot Robbie  all sparkled in beautiful white!

Jennifer Garner wowed me in that royal blue.

Lupita,Taraji and JLau looked stunning and glistened in hues of gold.

Now to….

THE WORST dressed in my opinion:

Whoppi Goldberg (Sorry designer Christian Siriano) she looked like a hot hot mess from head to toe.

Gal Gadot (AKA Superwoman’s) dress did nothing for her chest/breasts and more.So it made it a miss for me.

Salma Hayek looked like a bejeweled lamp shade. BUT I loved that dress hue.

FRANCES MCDORMAND… What are we to do with you???

What statement are you trying to make?  Where is your fashion stylist? Your make-up artist or your hairstylist?

She always look like she is  in character even when not in a movie. Is Glamour dead with her?  It looks like you are always sad and don’t care about how you look. I’m sure you’re a lovely soul but there is something magical about putting your best face forward.

Frances …At least wear a beautiful lipstick!

While I am sorry that imposter tried to steal your Oscar statuette …and so glad you got it back.

On a MAKEUP note:

In the pre-Oscars show E Live from the Red Carpet had a makeup artist that showed some beauty secrets one of which was applying  faux lashes. What shocked me was how he took his breath and he actually BLEW on the FAUX LASHES before he applied them to dry the glue a bit on the model. As a beauty PRO this is a GIANT NO NO and so unsanitary!!!

What you do on yourself ladies in your home and bathroom is one thing but applying product on the face professionally? NEVER.

He broke ALL the rules on sanitation. Did you happen to watch E on the red carpet?

That’s a wrap.

Please share… I want to know your thoughts on the best and worst dressed and more?






What a beauty!

It’s been almost a decade since Paris Jackson‘s dad, Michael Jackson, suddenly passed away from a heart attack. But her bond with him has never been stronger. On Sunday, the 19-year-old model attended Vanity Fair‘s Oscars after-party wearing a dress dedicated to her late father, and we can’t stop crying. Paris turned heads on the…

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Get your rice on!

I’ve been celebrating the lunar New Year ,stirring up some goodies in my wok and enjoying the customs! You don’t have to be Chinese to celebrate the lunar new year.

Buy some Chinese Take-Out,get a Chinese or other Asian beer and enjoy some tea and chill out! Invite your bestie or your sweetie to join you…

Noreen Young and stir up some fun!

Here is a recipe I like to do especially around this time of year too.

Rice On!

Noreen Young’s D.I.Y. Rice Face Mask

1/2 cup of jasmine rice OR black (Asian)  ricephotorice-black

1 cup of water

Rinse jasmine rice quickly and place in a glass or bowl of fresh water. Let this set for an hour or more. Overnight even better.

Place the watery milky looking solution on your face with a FLAT cotton pad. This is your face mask.

Stay away from your eyes and lips.

Leave on your face 10 minutes.


Feel your skin. It will be silky soft,brighter and tighter!

Sometimes I skip my moisturizer and go right to my makeup base if I am going out. Or I follow this mask with another Asian delightChinese pearl cream.

If you have some beer left over. Wash your hair and rinse it with the leftover beer. Rinse well and you’ll have fuller clean hair.

It is so much fun to explore outside your door and comfort zone.

*Guys like this recipe too!

Happy Lunar New Year if you don’t like the way the first of the year started you have another new chance for a fabulous new year!


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LASHES for days!

photo lash blog 2-18.JPG

Happy National Lash day…Whether you like faux lashes or real deal mascara!

I don’t wear mascara every day nor false eyelashes but when I do I LOVE,Love ,love Sassi brand  they are 100% human hair eyelashes style #747M professional quality grade.

Sipping Matcha tea and playing with new makeup shades of which some got on me and my lounge wear…I love to play with makeup and working on my summer makeup collection in all golden hues. I am sure you love to play in colors and new looks too.

I like to travel with my fave MUGS too. They make a trip and hotel stay even more fun.

Don’t ya just love this TALL,WHITE & GORGEOUS mug?

Have a fabulash day wherever you are!

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LOVE photo

Happy Valentine’s day!

Take time to spread some love today but above all take time to LOVE YOURSELF in your own way. Self love and self care IS so important!



THANK YOU for giving me and my blog some LOVE too. I so appreciate my followers! xoxo



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Nuts 4 him or her?


You need to get them and do this. The Peanut Trading Company has some awesome peanuts. Candy is so over-rated. There are other foodie things to give.Though  you might know I love candy!

There are 4 flavors: Original salted peanuts,BBQ,Garlic, and this bag of Spicy Bay delights.

I am a Northern girl. We don’t eat boiled peanuts never mine a Southern Fried peanutyou eat shell and all!!! Sounds crazy but boy am I addicted. I discovered them recently on a trip to New Orleans.

You can order them and give your sweetie and IOU certificate or say something else. BEYOND YUMMY!

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LOVE Bagels???


ME too!

In fact I can’t wait to go back home soon and eat one of these DELISH delights from the infamous baker Scot who started it all. The Bagel Store in N.Y.

It isn’t too late to order yours! F you want to give it as a gift…create a certificate for the one you love with a bagel drawn on it and and I love you! These bagels are worth the wait! THEY are the happiest bagels in the world!

These are the Valentine edition. Don’t they look scrumptious?

Check them out my dears….

Visit: Instagram and see all the colorful treats!

The bagel that broke the internet!!!

Treat yosefl or someone else!

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