Rolling into the weekend for glowy skin!



The most popular question I seem to get asked lately is “How do I get glowy skin”?

You’ve seen glowy skin on celebrities at Award shows,as well as in NY Fashion Week and more! You may assume the glow came from an applied illuminating highlighter.

But….Did you know?

Behind the scenes of Fashion Week in NYC was this old school ancient Chinese secret that make-up artists and skin professionals added to their beauty box arsenal.

The infamous jade roller!

I’ve shared about the Jade roller before but it keeps on rolling on and you simply must explore this ever popular cool tool!

When I was old enough to appreciate skin care I wanted name brands like Revlon NOT this strange jade tool that my Asian relatives and other Asian women rolled on their face. I snubbed this step and went for using Noxzema cold cream, Sea Breeze facial toner (which I still enjoy) and more.

Now, as a beauty professional I embrace this tool on my face and on my clients.  I told you about a year or so ago about this cool tool. Now it is making a skin statement and welcomed as a before the runway beauty treatment.

THE JADE ROLLER comes both two sided and one sided. It is cold to the touch and helps  variety of issues.



Teeth grinding,

Carpal tunnel wrists,


Stress relieving,

Tired or allergy eyes

Meditative state… using it is very relaxing.

Men love it too!

Celebrities like Lea Michele,models Miranda Kerr and Victoria Secret models have been discovering it too.

My two fave’s MY Jade Roller & a Sheet Mask. I like to apply a sheet mask on a clean face and  then ROLL AWAY. This helps to make the ingredients penetrate even better and deeper and make the skin look glowy! Afterwards you don’t wash your face you enjoy the topical skin treat it will give your skin!

Perhaps Botox or a facelift isn’t the answer. While the results are temporary from this roller it does offer instant gratification and the K Beauty masks offer instant glamification to your skin.

Try it you’ll LOVE this winning beauty combo. Too cool!

I’m off to guest speak at the Premiere Orlando/ Premiere Day Spa show.

Stay tuned & COME BACK for more… I can’t wait to see what I learn in a class and may discover on the massive show floor!