Oscar Beauty Rituals

The Oscars! Did you watch this year?

Who swept you off your pretty feet at the Oscars?

I did watch as I am all about the celebrities makeup,skin and hair. In fact am featuring beauty tips from my blog today on TV on River City Live on WJXT 4 in sunny Florida.

gold colored star confetti lot

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  I enjoyed the sea of COLOR metallics and all shades pink! From the Crazy Rich Asian Stars to the mirrored masterpiece on the ever glowing JLo. And of course the lipstick red dress Jennifer Hudson wore and the basic black from Lady Gaga. Now always keep it real…and remember they DON’T wake up that way. It takes months of prep for both their face,body and all that bling and fashion!

  • It is all about the diet and pre- Oscar prep to look good in those gowns and tuxedo’s. Celebrities are all about green juicing,exercise,yoga,massage and beauty supplements. As you know beauty starts from the inside and shows on the outside. Some celebrities even admit they starve themselves (not compleley but really skimp or fast) to look good in those lovely gowns,dresses and pant suits.
  • Skin  Treatments -What are there go to’s for pretty and healthy looking skin? A DEEP cleansing facial is at the top of the list gold,diamonds and gem stones. Cryotherapy is the cool anti-aging sensation that is coveted lately too.Jade and rose quartz roller and light therapy are still having a moment too.Some celebrities use quickie sheet masks for eyes,face and lips! MALE celebrities do facials,sheet masks and other treatmensts at the spa too!
  • Mani’s and Pedi’s with  statement nail or a simple manicure by a celeb and editorial nail specialist.
  •  Body treatments like wraps,cellulite treatments and tan from a spray tan specialist and covered to highlight the skin with some Gleam by Melanie Mills!
  • It’s all about the sage & crystals! I am told some celebrities have rituals for good luck and some include a treasured gemstone and burning sage.
  • Beauty sleep and WATER are most skin care heroes for celebrities.
  • Red lipstick is the classic choice. But as of late the shiny lipgloss and metallic has entered the lip picture. This year PINK had it’s moment. Beleive it or not pink is everything when it comes to a lipstick hue. It really is magic and looks good on everyone.
  • Blotting papers or blotting powder papers are a MUST for that unexpected emotional shine!
  • Eye makeup was simple and classic. The smoky really dark eye is not a popular otpion. Understated and a touch of shimmer opend up the eyes and mesmerize.
  • Let’s take a peek in their evening bags! It is ALL about the pretty clutch and a lipstick and maybe a mint.Some celeb’s don’t even carry money on them.
  • Got your own beauty and skin care question? Just ask me!

Red Hot on the red carpet!

The Academy Awards showered us with a sea of faces and fashion….but the makeup is what I love!

The strapless gowns,sparkle,shimmer,jewels and oh so much more.

Makeup is confidence you apply to the face! The celebrities makeup artist’s know this and painted a beautiful face.
Lush bold or champagne gold glossy lips all lit up their faces.

I so loved the red lips of Adele, shiny champagne like gloss of Jennifer Aniston,the non sun-baked healthy looking skin of Jessica Chastain,the smoldery eyes of Sandra Bullock.

Salma Hayek’s hair was sky-high pulled back glam! Reese’s hair was Hollywood oh so shiny and wavy glam at its finest.

Jennifer Lawrence who of course won an Oscar is one young talented down to earth star.She looked amazing from head to toe.
Heidi Klume who did not even attend the Oscars but did attend the parties was the FULL package of sexy beauty from head to toe~ Who says mom’s have to look plain and mommy like!

The celebrities estheticians no doubt…gave awesome oxygen,diamond,toning and other type facials. Their body was wrapped with products from the sea to make their bodies even more sexy and tummies flatter.Their skin was satin-smooth and had a glistening glow.

Some celebrities faces missed the makeup artist’s powder puff when it came their time to shine.THEY SHINED way too much!
Whose face and hair did you love?

Celebrities and their strange beauty RITUALS before the Oscars!

Last night the Celebrities rocked Hollywood with their outfits and looks. Who did you fall in love with? Who are you a big fan of?

After an award winning breakfast (as my husband said I made)  I tackled my walk in closet and tried to get it back organized from living in and out of luggage. I wanted it STAR worthy style back. All color coded from pinks,to rose,to fuschia to red to my coveted back home in NEW YORK uniform …infamous black. An organized closet is heaven on earth. I hate what I have done to it. It’s going to be a continued work in progress for now.

After hours of organization and a luscious bubble bath with real milk. I felt like Hollywood. My husband and I enjoyed Mojitos and popcorn after dinner and some TV. Then the red carpet LIVE started so we went our separate ways. He downstairs and me in what he calls my apartment. My bedroom…my pretty sanctuary.

I enjoyed every bit of the Oscars from who won and what movies I need to see. I wanted the movie THE HELP to win but it didn’t. At least beautiful eyed and talented Octavia Spencer won for her role in The Help !

There’s a lot I have learned about the prep those celebrity faces and BODIES go through weeks some even a month before the Academy Awards. I simply had to share some with you.

Some beauty rituals include Bird poop from a Nightingale for its skin brightening properties they say Victoria Beckham loves these Geisha facials. Some take Shark Fin cartilage for smoother healthier looking skin ala Nicole Kidman. They say celebrities are in love with Clarisonic the sonic cleansing system…Madonna, Demi, Lady Gaga and ME! We love our clean mean anti-aging machine!

Products containing snake venom is top of the weird list. They say Katie Holmes is a fan of Glamology which snake venom freezes the muscles of the face. Bird poop I can maybe see. But snakes venom is where I draw the line on my face. Some celebrities brighten their smile with Supersmile toothpaste while others slice fresh strawberries and align them unto their teeth for their whitening properties. Teri Hatcher has said in interviews she pours glasses of red wine in her bathtub to draw toxins out of the skin and make it feel and look smoother. celebrities also are in love with human growth hormone therapy and human placenta for antioxidants,protein and amino acids. Cameron Diaz is said to like using powdered milk to help exfoliate her skin.

Of course SPANX is the QUEEN of the evening under ALL those gorgeous gowns. My Hollywood stylist friends also tell me there is a version like Spanx just for men. No beer belly allowed.

Soy and dairy products are forbid and part of the NO NO list of celebrities diets. This helps to eliminate the cellultite bumpy cottage cheese look.

Juicing is also a Hollywood must! Cleansing in and out of the body.

Spray taned to perfection…there is a famous spray tanner who goes on location for celebrities and Victoria Secret fashion show models and spray scuplts their bodies to shapely proportions.Sexy and slimmer in minutes.

It was a fun and fashionable night and I never get tired of it. I also LOVE the behind the scenes beauty scoop too. Like the Oscar Swag bags…given to the celeb’s. Well, I used to think it was all about the brand being simply the best and coveted. Come to find out it’s all bought. If you PAY you can be one of the brands that go into the bag. I get mail asking me our beauty brand) to participate in the bags.  Its like product placement. The brands pay  to be featured. J Lo is famous for product placement in her videos and more. Money talks! 

I loved Kate Goldie Hawns daughters look and her hair was divine by the famous hair stylist Mr. David Bababi.

Angelina rocked it in that dress and those amazing lips and LEGS!

Gwenyth looked simply beautiful and radiant in white! Kirk Douglas always impresses. George and Brad too. Christopher Plummer God bless!

Who put a smile on your face? SHARE with me…