Are you HOT AS HELL Ladies?


I’m cooled off today with the AMAZING, COOL & REFRESHING…Hot Girls Pearls

You can be too! These cool fashion statements are gorgeous for the neck or wrists and come in a variety of shades and sizes.
Wear them at the beach, at a pool party,picnic or make a fashion statement while jogging!


You don’t have to be hot flashing to enjoy the cooling and beautfiul benefits of Hot Girls Pearls! Take it from this NEW YORKER living in steamy hot Florida.
My body LOVES them!

They’ll be green with envy!

say yes to GREEN New Image 5-2013

I just wanna scream with glee on how beautiful my eyes look today with this gorgeous shade!
I recently did a photo shoot with my model looking like a Florida mermaid in shades of green.You can see the photo in the roll of photos on my blog header. So colorful yet understated. You can use one shade or a pretty green array of hues. I NEVER EVER wore GREEN or anything like this hue.I always chose safe colors.And as a professional makeup artist I only USED this shade on clients as per their request. Now, Pantone’s prediction of the color green for Spring and summer has made me have an addiction.

Add a mint julep, lime,green,yellow lime top or fabulous green hues of fashion accessories and you’ll radiate and your friends will be green with envy!

Light up your eyes with some color.Get out of the box…never mind throw away the box and live a little! Your eyes will look amazing and HE will notice, I promise!

Looking good feels FABULOUS!

This spring in fashion & beauty anything goes!

JOVAN JANE headbands
There’s a rainbow of hues just waiting for you!
…In beauty,fashion,hair accessories and more.

It is the happiest Spring I have ever seen and summer is going to be just as fabulous and COLORFUL! Life is good!

Don’t you just LOVE these beautiful headbands I found?
They are simply gorgeous in person! The designer is Jovan Jane and she makes other items like hats and more.My fashionable life is not the same with Jovan Jane. Too cute and sexy too!
Visit her website…. Spice things up!

Consignment Shop snob …no more!

New Image jacket

I am a boutique kinda shopper.

Wherever I have traveled in and out of the USA I HAVE ALWAYS been attracted to the boutique not the department store. While I like them and started my career in amazing Bloomingdale’s Department store. Boutiques have my heart.
I also have never been one to buy used,slightly worn by anyone clothes. I never borrowed my sisters or friends clothes or accessories.I felt strange in consignment shops. I can shop for hours in an antique mall looking at and buying old things. But NEVER stepped a foot in a consignment store.

One day last year my husband had business in Amelia Island a beachy resort town. I met this woman whose daughter owned a consignment shop.She looked so stylish and quite the fashionista.I loved her style. I had to know where she shopped and before I could ask she told me. Her daughter was a woman business owner like me and owned the shop she gets most of her wardrobe from. I visited that shop that day in a sweet happy yellow cottage and what did I see a candy shop of fashion like my candy shoppe of glam and beauty. I fell in love! Instantly.

The selection was awesome, the styles were from designer brands to dept. store brands to the girl next doors wardrobe.THE PRICES were the bomb! PRICES I could not believe!
Now, you know one of my fashion secrets! I not only have become an avid shopper at this consignment shop (have not ventured to others) I am shouting it from the rooftop to any women who will listen. While I really don’t think I was a snob perse, I did frown upon buying these gently worn, got tired of clothing that women bring to a consignment shop to consign.

I learned not all clothes and fashion accessories are used. Some come from stores that have closed or close-out or from ladies of high society who simply have more clothes in their closet than they really need. I also discovered you can save money, have style and look gorgeous too~

This is my jacket…my most recent purchase. Don’t you love it? It cost me $18.00 NOT $800.00 but $18.00 I can dress it up and dress it down. I love it.

My secret place by the way? Only FIFI’S Amelia Island Florida! Jessica and her style team will hook you up. I hope next time you pass our town you stop and visit her cottage of fashion. Oh by the way, I don’t consign my clothes but you can sell your clothes too. BUT THAT’S another blog!
Life is short and it can be expensive…enjoy it one deal at a time.

Fashion’s NIGHT OUT…all over the globe!

Party ON and with a gorgeous Lipstick on!

TODAY…Stores are celebrating this magical day all over the globe.You can too~

Shop specials,events,cocktail parties,runway shows and more. This fall accessories are all about metallics, black & white, animal prints, juicy grapes, merlot,pink flambe and honey gold. Bejeweled and Be dazzling! Accessories do to the body what makeup does for the face…They can make you feel and look AMAZING.

They are cheap thrills and say so much about you and your style. Designer Coco Chanel piled them on! ENJOY them too. It’s up to you. Celebrate being a woman!  Shop on!