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Have you heard the news?

OK, ladies and germs, the best part of the ’90s has officially returned to us: Lisa freakin’ Frank. For those of you who grew up in the ’90s and early aughts, you’ll know just how important Lisa Frank was to anyone’s (or at least anyone who had taste!!) childhood. And now, thanks to the new…

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Day 27 to beautfiul skin

Today I saw a client I had not seen in a year or more.
She is in her late 70’s.I was happy she called as I had not had the pleasure of seeing her vibrant personality and enjoy conversations with her.
She booked an appointment for to update her look with a makeup lesson and to replenish her beauty supplies. Oh my gosh…right before my eyes in 3-D and technicolor she LOOKED amazing!
Now,she truly looked 15 years younger.

I did not ask her what she had done but she bubbled over with it as if she had a glass of champagne delight. She told me she had what I see on TV almost every hour. Know what it is?
Paid spokesperson Debby Boone and the new face procedure.
My client had a Lifesytle Lift
She did NOT look like she had surgery,she looked well rested and was so drunk in happiness!
She bragged about the doctors,told me step-by-step process and the TLC CARE she received.
I was amazed. Now, I simply had to share with you. I wondered what is that Lifestyle Lift the infomercials talk about and now I know.
I am THRILLED for my clients who might want to know this.
If you want a face lift…I’d say they are worth looking into and getting a consult with too.No I am NOT their paid spokesperson,nor being paid to say these words.
Seeing is believing!

Other ways to give your face and eyes a lift?Smile, wear a gorgeous lipstick,add a touch of shimmer lotion to the top of your cheekbones before blush and add some shimmer to your brow bone too.Get your brows designed by a professional they are true designers to give your eyes a lift.
Lastly, attitude is everything…keep yours pretty positive.

Day 23 to Beautiful skin


Book an appointment for a facial!

EVERY town has a professinal Esthetician/Beauty Therapist and or spa who offers this service.
I often hear a facial is just fluff and pampering. Those words drives me crazy! That is not what we only do we make you LOOK good and your face feel amazing too.It’s like a dental hygenist cleans your teeth but for your face. You know that fabulous feeling your teeth and mouth feel like after thye are cleaned. You will really notice a difference in your complexion. I love to get a Deep Cleansing Facial which also includes a mini massage and a heated hand or bottie treatment. They all relax your body, mind and spirit. I get a facial every month all over the country in my travels. I do this to supplement my morning and evening cleansing beauty routine. They work hand in hand.

It is an amazing service and I truly think necessary for healthy happy skin. During the facial they will do an array of steps and the one photographed is using an anti-aging Asian skin smoothing face and eye roller. Facials come with all kinds of ingredients, diamonds,gold leaf and so much more.Now is the time to explore!See what you have been missing and book an appointment for this fabulous skin treat. You will LOVE THE WAY YOUR SKIN will look.
Take care of yourself if you don’t who will take care of you?