Does your freshly applied 💄lipstick 👄 stick to your teeth?

If your bite alignment isn’t right or your lipstick hits your teeth every time you seem to put on lipstick. Never worry about lipstick on your teeth again! Really! I recently stumbled upon (lucky me) this awesome brand and beauty tool!

And best part you don’t have to waste a tissue or use your finger again.

👄Fitted cap makes it great for travel and keeps it sanitary and closed while on the go.

👄Made of soft baking silicone.

👄Dishwasher safe.

👄Easy to clean.

👄Easy to use.

See why I love not only beauty tools but women business owners around the world?

We ….Thank you Celine and Katey for your cool invention and beauty solution.

Oh and by the way, I just noticed they are running a special on National Lipstick Day!

Go check them out on Amazon for your $5.00 off discount! 💋

While supplies last … Beautiful!

Ugly be gone!

Who knew something you usually use to eat with could help with puffy eyes?

Sometimes I wake up and the skin on and around my eyes is swollen. This could happen for many reasons but whatever caused it isn’t the problem, getting rid of the tired look is the hard part. What I have learned to do with that is keep two regular, metal, dining spoons in the freezer. I like to leave them in there all the time because I never know when I’ll need them, but they only need to be in there long enough to get to the temperature of the freezer. When they are ready, run them under some room temperature water just for a second so they will not stick to your skin, and apply the back side of the spoon to each eyelid or wherever you feel puffy. Leave it on for about 10 minutes or so and the ugly is gone!

This is a Saturday date night tip from Kelli, I work with Noreen at the Makeup Studio.