Day 17 of MY Beauty Secrets


I have lived a wonderful life and have learned a lot of things and enjoyed many beauty secrets in my life but BETTY ! Beloved American actress Betty White turns 99 YEARS YOUNG today!

That is A GIFT not all of us can or will get!!!

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I have followed her career and have so enjoyed watching her on TV and in other places through the years. What I have learned that she continually says is her beauty secrets (Besides good genes) and living a long happy, healthy life and they are not necessarily found in jar on a beauty shelf.

They are simple and unique to say the least.

VODKA (She loves a good cocktail)

Hot Dogs

PB & J sandwiches

Other Betty White Pearls Of Wisdom that she and I share too are:

Laugh More!

Have a sense of humor!

Avoid complaining!

Keep Busy!

Exercise your MIND! She’s become addicted to crossword puzzles. She can’t seem to put them down.



So, I think we ALL can learn a few lessons from Betty White. Although they say she will be spending it in our pandemic quarantine and staying safe…I raise a Bloody Mary glass with vodka and toast to BETTY today!

I’m certain she is spending it well in her own special way!

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