Lately everywhere I go I see ladies breasts FLOPPING and hanging (some almost to their waist) at me.

What’s up with that?

Braless girl or wearing the WRONG bra girl. Think again before you leave your house.

I used to go braless a few years ago. But soon after discovered and fell in love with the world of truly beautiful sexy quality bras. First from France then from VS.

I get it …it is freeing,feels nice to do sometimes BUT do it alone and at your own home. It isn’t a pretty look and truly isn’t working for you.

No, I am not talking about grannies…the ladies I see are younger I am talking about ladies in their 30’s and 40’s,50’s!

It isn’t healthy for breast tissue and your skins elasticity too.

I invite you to give a new bra a try…this is my latest buy for my Fall wardrobe!

I love it! I LOVE THE COLORS,I LOVE THE STYLE and I love the way I look and feel in it too!

Do yourself and all of us a favor…stand tall and proud and Be-YOU-tiful!

Did you see those Vixens?

Image CASS Martinez PhotoDressed in lace with a beautiful face those Victoria’s Secret Vixens pranced on the runway Tuesday night. Panties and bras with diamonds,gem stones,silk,ribbons,tulle and so much more. The show continues to impress!

Spray tanned to make every inch look skinnier,sexier and tan. You don’t think they wake up that way do you? Made up by my makeup artist friends… they frolic and glide across the runway in VS style! Bombshell hair and flawless make-up. I hate them …I’m only 5’2 and cannot strut my stuff in glamazon HIGH size heels. Rihanna and Justin Bieber wowed the crowd too. Loved them too. They were a nice touch too!

Do want to shine like a diamond? Wanna bring your sexy on?

Think about prancing and posing PIN UP pretty. Bring out your inner angel. Be naughty or nice. Now’s, the time to get started on thinking about V-day ladies (Valentine’s day). Find a photographer who specializes in beautiful photos and bring your sexy back…it’s fun,flirty and a nice memory to have. Surprise that special someone for Valentine’s day which is on its way…it too will be here before you know it. I did a pin up photo for my sweetie a few years back.I am really thinking about doing a new photo too. I just met this photographer who does sexy pin ups here’s a photo of Cass Martinez work.Love this photo says so much without being what you think sexy is. I’ll keep you posted and bring you to my photo shoot.

HO!HO!HO! ENJOY this beauty filled holiday season.

My Pretty Bra Addiction~

I used to never wear a bra. I loved being a free spirit and let the twins hang out. After I became a professional make-up artist and went into the business of beauty. I decided that wearing a bra was more professional. So, my journey and bra shopping started. They have come a long way baby and so have I.

I love my bra’s and they love my breasts. I seem to be attracted to that pretty pink store with the lingerie. You know Victoria’s Secret! She rocks my world.

Whoever she is or if it is a man…really don’t know but that store started a bra revolution and  brought sexy back. Bra’s come in all shapes and sizes but my fav’ is all the rainbow of shades.Lacey,racey and soft to the touch. The animal prints are yet another story. I love to walk on the wild side too!

Bra’s….They keep me tucked in, bouncing & behav’in and controlled. Sometimes naughty…sometimes nice. I love my bra. The latest sexy baby to my collection is the PINK one! See it on my shower curtain? It’s fun to collect them, sexy to wear them and makes me happier in them. Don’t lose yourself and wear the same old bra in that same old boring color. There is a rainbow out there.

Do you love bra’s as much as I do? Share and comment to me.

Next to eating decadent desserts, and a lipstick on my lips… I so LOVE my bra~

Do the breast thing! Go treat yourself to a little something at Victoria’s Secret online store or at a store. Color your world and happy shopping, Gorgeous!