Honeylicious face scrub

Here’s another delight my skin loves and another personal recipe from my beauty recipe box.

1/4 of honey fresh clover is my fav’

1/4 cup of brown sugar

Stir the two together in a bowl. After this gooey, sweet-smelling potions ingredients mesh together place in a small  jam jar or  other unique jar you may find or own.

This is your face scrub. Put a bow on it with recipe instructions and your gift is ready to go. Or enjoy creating one for a friend and one for you.

Apply on wet face and staying away from the eyes,you may include the neck and chest area. Work in circular motions and exfoliate with the brown sugar and moisturize with the honey.

Leave on at least 15-20 minutes. Rinse well and follow-up with a rosewater skin freshener or your fav’ moisturizer.

*Obviously if you are allergic to the ingredients above, don’t use this recipe yourself.

Shelf life a couple of weeks or less. Recipe makes two treatments or more.

A sweet recipe for pretty skin. Your makeup will glide on like silk.