Another reason to LOVE Chicago!

photo pierogi I LOVE anything beauty but am also an avid foodie. On a business and pleasure trip to Chicago this week I had to stop at this awesome hot spot where the locals eat and live just a cab ride from downtown and the wonderful shopping on State Street that great street. Flo and Santos is the name of the restaurant and bar where two lovers who became husband and wife turned their nationalities (Polish and Italian) and food passion into a place to have a cold pitcher of Polish beer,Vodka Shots Journey and devour pizza with sauerkraut,bacon and kielbasa OR have it the Italian way just plain yummy cheese. Or make it a dessert pizza or Polish donut bathed with caramel and chocolate sauce and made with love. No matter how you slice it… Pizza and pierogi those darling plump bites of various yummy fillings. You’ll love Flo & Santos. Down to earth pricing,fabulous and unique food and a cozy  twist do the polka all in one place. This place rocked my hips and my lips. You must try this place when visiting or lucky enough to live in Chicago. You don’t have to be half Polish like me to enjoy it~

You’ll kick up your heels for Chicago!

photoLIP SHOESAnother fabulous trip to Chicago and I managed to fit in time to shop till I dropped. The weather amazing and the city oh so fun and CLEAN! I love this city as much as my NYC. While browsing all the shops including the Magnificent Mile of shopping and eating ….I came across a colorful,friendly staffed shop with the most AMAZING & TRULY UNIQUE SHOES.The shoe store is called AKIRA and next time you visit the city you must make them one of your stops to shop.

I am addicted to all things makeup,beauty and skin care BUT fashion lured me and I had to share with you. I found the cutest,sexiest and unique things. These shoes are something else aren’t they?
YOU know how much I love lips! If you don’t know you do now!