Cozy concoction for dry skin

Shea Butter is all the rage and is a very old beauty elixir. After a long day of work and no flip flop weather here in sunny Florida it is in the 30’s !

My skin is so dry and I am in the mood to whip up a salve for my skin and lips. I took a large scoop of shea butter out of a tub that I have and placed it in a bowl. I then took a pestle and mortar and started to stir the shea. I squeezed in some honey from the bear bottle to add a sweet moisturizing delight to the mix. BOTH moisturize and honey is an antibacterial. After you have the amount you want I placed this mix into the microwave and cooked on low 60 seconds. (depending on your microwave may be warm it more)

Stir this creamy butter, sit down and drap the area  where you will apply this with a small towel so you don’t stain sheets or carpeting. Rub in as it warms into your skin and enjoy the kisses of moisture on your skin. I love to use this on my elbows,knees and feet. I also love to put on white loose and cozy soft socks afterwards and go to sleep.

Wake up to softer skin… Guys and Gals~ Got a bit leftover on your finger? Apply some to your lips~

*Of course do not try this recipe if you are allergic to any of these ingredients.

Chick Pea Facial

Do you have sun spots or a mask of pregnancy on your face? Hate them? I DO TOO!I’m no a dermatologist but I LOVE TO PLAY and experiment in my kitchen all kinds of recipes. Not all beauty products come from the beauty store.

What you’ll need:

1 can of chick peas

1 potato masher

1 drop of lemon ( for oily skin) OPTIONAL

Mash the above together and you’ll have a delightful face and neck mask. You can even apply this on your chest. Apply to CLEAN face and neck and leave on at least 10 minutes. This creamy strange concoction will brighten up your complexion and soften it too.

I love eating chick peas to my dahlings! They are amazing in salads, roasted in olive oil and sea salt in the oven and smothered in olive oil and red wine vinegar.

Have you got a recipe to share with me?