Consignment Shop snob …no more!

New Image jacket

I am a boutique kinda shopper.

Wherever I have traveled in and out of the USA I HAVE ALWAYS been attracted to the boutique not the department store. While I like them and started my career in amazing Bloomingdale’s Department store. Boutiques have my heart.
I also have never been one to buy used,slightly worn by anyone clothes. I never borrowed my sisters or friends clothes or accessories.I felt strange in consignment shops. I can shop for hours in an antique mall looking at and buying old things. But NEVER stepped a foot in a consignment store.

One day last year my husband had business in Amelia Island a beachy resort town. I met this woman whose daughter owned a consignment shop.She looked so stylish and quite the fashionista.I loved her style. I had to know where she shopped and before I could ask she told me. Her daughter was a woman business owner like me and owned the shop she gets most of her wardrobe from. I visited that shop that day in a sweet happy yellow cottage and what did I see a candy shop of fashion like my candy shoppe of glam and beauty. I fell in love! Instantly.

The selection was awesome, the styles were from designer brands to dept. store brands to the girl next doors wardrobe.THE PRICES were the bomb! PRICES I could not believe!
Now, you know one of my fashion secrets! I not only have become an avid shopper at this consignment shop (have not ventured to others) I am shouting it from the rooftop to any women who will listen. While I really don’t think I was a snob perse, I did frown upon buying these gently worn, got tired of clothing that women bring to a consignment shop to consign.

I learned not all clothes and fashion accessories are used. Some come from stores that have closed or close-out or from ladies of high society who simply have more clothes in their closet than they really need. I also discovered you can save money, have style and look gorgeous too~

This is my jacket…my most recent purchase. Don’t you love it? It cost me $18.00 NOT $800.00 but $18.00 I can dress it up and dress it down. I love it.

My secret place by the way? Only FIFI’S Amelia Island Florida! Jessica and her style team will hook you up. I hope next time you pass our town you stop and visit her cottage of fashion. Oh by the way, I don’t consign my clothes but you can sell your clothes too. BUT THAT’S another blog!
Life is short and it can be expensive…enjoy it one deal at a time.