Barbie Beauty

Cruising the shelves of a Dollar store I was looking for more than I went  there for.You know you NEVER know what you are going to find when you take time and explore. Since I am in love with ALL things color and pink is at the top of that colorful l SAW a spray bottle down the beauty and health aisle.

Since my hair tangles so…I had to pick this bottle up and TAKE IT HOME for a test drive.Barbie

At first I thought it was strange to try this cotton candy scented  de-tangling spray but those thoughts soon went away. I am writing this post to tell you I LOVE it. I know I am not a kid but this woman is here to say IT WORKS!

Now, no the ingredients are not like my grown up expensive spray…but for $1.00 its a win win for me! Did you ever have your bottle of liquids when you travel and somehow magically open and half of it pour out and disappear?

Little girls LOVE Barbie and I do too!

A Fun Gift in a Gift BOX!

Jacksonville in a Box

Created locally …it is the PERFECT Valentine gift to show your love for Jax. or Florida
Choose from a Jacksonville Experience $54.99 or The Snack Box  this $34.99 for all things Jacksonville!
Free shipping within the USA and the military.

Check out the website for more details.

Items in the Box:

Sweet Pete’s Taffy
Peter Brooke Chocolate covered popcorn

Fresh Jax Seasoning
Bono’s BBQ Sauce
Papa Johns Cotton Candy
Alligator Jerky
Jacksonville Suns Foam Finger
Jacksonville Jaguars Pennant

Armada FC Magnet
Heart of Jax Poster
Vintage Jax Postcard
City of Jax Flag Postcard
Intuition Ale Koozie
Bold City Koozie
What a blessing…

 And since it is so popular he has teamed up with our local ARC to fill and pack up the boxes and help a good cause too. Employing people with developmental disabilities and special needs.



Sunshine not included… But a whole lot of yummy fun!Jbox SM.jpg

I will truly miss the New Jersey shore

I can’t believe  it is gone. I have fond memories of visiting with my family. Especially with my twin. He loved the iconic beautiful old-time carousel. He loved going round and round and my mom and sisters wave to him as he passed by. I would choose the prettiest decorative horse to ride on. The beauty of the boardwalk, the summertime fabulous food. The cotton candy and candied apples. The tan I got on the beach with iodine and baby oil a recipe my sisters shared with me. I loved when my boyfriend half buried me and turned me into a beach mermaid made of sand. The games on the boardwalk where I won a giant cupcake cookie jar…that I still have years later. What fun~

I miss it and yet I had not been there in years….that’s what I get for being a workaholic. It was on my bucket list to take my husband there and to show him that and the Hampton’s my summertime playgrounds.

Those were the days…now overnight it is gone. If you’ve ever been there…you know what I mean. If you have never gone. I’m sorry you missed it. I know they will rebuild. But it will never be quite the same. Goodbye Sandy!

Thank you, Governor Christie…for all the love and heart you give to New Jersey…the Garden state.


When I get a chance to find it…I will post a family photo postcard from my family visits.