Puerto Rico my recent tropical escape!


I visited this pretty island in the US with my husband to work and play.It is an amazing place.
Although PR reminds me of sunny Florida it had a different sexy twist!

As a makeup artist and avid fashionista I am a people watcher. The ladies and teens love to smell good and quite a few wear makeup.

The men smelled amazing and a lot of them wore blousy tropical tops with loose cotton like pants for the bottoms…think like Ricky in The I Love Lucy TV show.They were impeccable.

The people were very friendly and spoke mostly Spanish but if you spoke with them in English most seemed to know English.

At night we left our resort hotel for the famous San Juan Hotel for a drink.WOW was that worth the trip itself. This old hotel reminds me of old Hollywood…simply beautiful. At night this hotel comes ALIVE with woman of all ages. ready to dance. They dress to the nines…the shorter and tighter the dress the better. The men dress to the nines and every hair in place too.

Puerto Rican people are SEXY people. they move sexy,they dance sexy and even talk sexy. My husband and I couldn’t take our eyes off these people on the dance floor. They dance with each other, they dance woman to woman and the men or women even dance ALONE. They have moves I couldn’t believe no matter what their age or size. This hotel is a must see.
We loved our visit for work and play. One day you have to see it in your OWN way! San Juan and historic old San Juan is an amazing place with aqua clean beaches and delicious exotic foods.

Explore beyond your door…pretty Puerto Rico!

His Eyes were glazed over!

I so wish I had taken a photo to show you. He (my husband) WAS back to the SPA.

Working seven days a week and not allowing much ME time, I insisted my husband join me for SPA week last week at the Ponte Vedra Inn SPA in sunny Florida.

We arrived around noon time for check in bathing suit in hand and ready to escape. I booked an appt. for an Old World Exfoliating body treatment to slough off dead skin cells , detox and moisturize to  shed away his stress. I WANTED my sweetie back. The nice guy whose on a life high… Not Mr.Tension!

The guy who helps Santa every year! 

After you are welcomed back to PARADISE by the spa receptionists and locker room attendants. (Though we were 45 minutes from our home.) We felt we had landed on a private Island. We got undressed into their cozy spa robes and slippers. 

This spa is awesome and breathtaking. It’s design and layout makes you succumb to RELAX and be taken away for the day. He rejuvenated in the whirlpool, steam room and sauna. “Good Bye to toxins and Hello sweat”. He melted like the witch from the Wizard of OZ !

He drank, Spa water, ate fresh red apples and relaxed beside the pool.He swam his laps and enjoyed a cool afternoon in the sun. It was a gorgeous day!

Later, he joined me for a late lunch in the spa lounge cafe.  The menu was delightful and delicious as usual.

He had the salmon cooked to perfection. I had a unique salad with watermelon, chick peas and lathered in lovely dressing greens. Endless sparkling water was served along with a yummy roll.

He came out glazed eyes,starry-eyed and…  he was Prince Charming again.

THANKS  to Ponte Vedra Spa and INN you did it again. Can’t wait to go back…we  feel awesome and still are daydreaming about our time in the sun and at your spa.

This time to partake of the spa and all its amenities BEFORE the holiday rush and to buy gift certificates! If you come to sunny Florida or are passing through over the holidays or early next year. Discover this beautiful place. A real spa! A gorgeous SPA  boutique AND services to relax and delight your senses.

Love yourself, take care of yourself…if you don’t , WHO will?

12 Reasons why I love the Hampton Inn Hotels

I travel for my makeup assignments,guest speaking assignments,beauty and fun~ I also love to travel with my husband sometimes on his business travels. He loves to stay at Hampton and so do I. Yes, I do love the Ritz Carlton but Hampton Inn rocks my world too. If you’ve never stayed in one perhaps nows the time.

1.Clean hotels, outside, lobby and rooms. You can eat of the bathroom floor it is so clean.

2.COZY bedding,pillows not to stuffy and fluffy and not so flat you get a neck ache. Soft sheets~

3.Forgetting your toothbrush, shaver or toothpaste…not a problem. Go to the front desk …They’ve got you covered FREE~ Ladies listen up…They even have the most AMAZING makeup wipe towelettes!

4. Coffee, tea, hot cocoa, apples, oranges for me 24 hours a day.

5.Always wake me up on time.

6.Newspaper daily in the lobby

7.Living room, TV and desk near lobby to enjoy if I need.

8. Office room available.

9.Exercise room available.

10.Mini refrigerator in most Hampton Inn rooms

11.Mini microwave ”                      ”

12. Fresh baked cookies around 5:00 or 5:30 PM and its  FREE!

13.Mini coffee pot in room for late night chamomile tea or decaf coffee.

14. breakfast served daily….FREE  Choose for eggs, sausage, bacon, hot oatmeal, cereal, fresh juices, Activia,fresh fruit bowls, muffins, pastries assorted and more~

15. On the run? NO time for thee…stope by the front desk for a brown bag filled with delights for on the road unto your next meeting or next stop.

16. Wi-fi internet access in your room

17.  TOP on the list! The smiling staff whose smiles and kind service actually greet you like they care.

They really open you with open arms the way they treat you. Our absolute fav’ stays are at Viera, Florida and Gainesville, Florida! (And outside the magnificent grounds of Yellow Stone Park)

If you’re looking for a home away from home…on the road and a safe place to stay. Stay at a Hampton Inn.

I hope they will give you what we get nothing but the best~

As you can see 12 reasons were not enough my list GREW longer~