Day 18 to beautiful skin

It may sound strange but this really works!

METAMUCIL is wonderful for your body and skin.It is also great for lowering cholesterol and for heart health. Mayo Clinic shared this healthy beauty secret with me. As a professional makeup artist I recommend this to all of my clients along with a skin care regime!
It is 100% natural Psyllium fiber. It helps you stay on track and be regular and keeps things moving. I find it also makes me eat a bit less when I have a spoonful in a glass of water as directed before my dinner.
Your skin will love it too…after starting a regime with it along with a healthy diet.

Consult with your doctor first as with anything. But what I know for sure. People say my complexion is so pretty and looks amazing. I owe it to a good sunscreen, trying to eat right, drinking lots of liquids,taking care of my skin and a dose of Metamucil a day!

Day 17 to beautiful skin!

Think you have acne?

It is a problem for many people.One of the main things for sure is chocolate and greasy foods don’t always cause acne nor make it worse. Keeping your face and hands clean. Keeping your hands off your face IS important! Change your pillowcase often.
My dermatologist warns a few zits are not acne! Besides genetics here are some other reasons you may develop acne.
Hormones,stress,bacteria,lack of sleep,your diet,food allergies,poor cell turnover,cosmetic related allergies and an over active sebaceous gland can cause acne flair ups.

D.I.Y Skin Toner for Blemished Skin

1/2 cup of fresh lemon juice
1 cup of water
2/3 cup of witch hazel

Mix all of the above together and use nighlty and play with it first to see how your skin reacts to it. Apply with cotton pad and stay away from eye area or lips. It will also brighten your complexion/skin.

*This recipe is from a client of mine who has acne and swears by this.I tried it… it feels refreshing! If you are allergic to any of the above please do not try this recipe.
If you have a noticeable strong case of acne or any skin concerns consult a dermatologist…Doctor knows best.