IF you’re a MOM…

Happy Mother’s Day!

While I’m not a mom but was sort of a mom to my twin when my mother passed away. I could never take the place of my mother but I did my best.

My twin was born with Down Syndrome so he needed even more love and TLC attention.

I hope all of you awesome moms had a glorious day filled with family and lots of LOVE!

World Down Syndrome Day

I have been in bed ill with the flu and a day late to post. But Down Syndrome is always in my heart!! World Down Syndrome day is a day we celebrate ūüéä all who were born with Down Syndrome. In case you didn’t know they have the biggest hearts ‚ô•ÔłŹ and ūüėä smiles you’ve ever seen.

Today I salute my beautiful twin. I truly miss him, his glowing smile and those awesome hugs! Twins are forever!


This photo was taken at my mom’s house when I flew in with a surprise visit…as you can see I caught him off¬† guard and he was bursting with happiness.


Noreen_twinsA birthday is a day for extravagant joy-cake,candles,calories and most of all,the blessing of knowing how special you are to others. A beautiful life is a light in the world.Celebrate it!

These lovely words came from the back of a birthday card I received this week. I couldn’t have said it any better. I try and be a light in the world and live a beautiful life.

I learned that from my handsome and wonderful twin.

I want to make a difference in this world.Don’t you?

I miss my twin and my birthday is not the same without him.

Always in my Heart!

World Down Syndrome DayNoreen_twinsit is a very very SPECIAL day.

When you see someone with Down Syndrome don’t just walk away. Spread a little love today and everyday!

I miss your smile,your soft hands around me and the kind and wonderful guy you were! Always in my heart and never apart.

Love makes the world a better place for you and me!

Please…Don’t judge a person by their face!

Have you passed someone with Downs and smiled at them today?
You don’t know what you have missed.
October is ¬†National Down Syndrome Awareness month.People born with Downs are bright, friendly and the kindest people you will ever meet. They would give you the shirt of their back if you asked for it and needed it. Don’t judge a book by its cover.
I know firsthand. My twin was born minutes before me and had Downs. What my family learned is something money can’t buy.
Make a friend today. Smile when that special person looks your way. You might just meet your new BFF.

They are the beautiful people not just celebrities~ Color your world with all kinds of  people~


Today I am blue…I am thinking about my twin so much¬† too! I¬† yearn for his hug,I wish I felt his kiss on my hand¬† in the special way he did. I¬†long for his smile. I love and miss him so much today.

I don’t think I ever shared with you my twin was born with Down Syndrome and obviously I was not. God knows why but that is the way it went.

There is so much beauty with people born with Downs. They are the most loving,delightful,bright and kind people you will ever meet! Open your heart,give a smile or start a conversation with them. You never know where that will lead and the feeling you will feel.

I miss my twin even more todayand it really hurts.


Beauty resolutions worth keeping~

A new year ...make it count!


Happy New Year and New YOU~

We know you love our Mother Earth and so do we. In my cosmetic company and private makeup studio, we pride ourselves on doing our part. Not only do we offer you healthy beauty and skin care with a natural twist. We are also moving towards even better ingredients starting with our lipsticks we are making them paraben free. We are a green company…we are energy efficient, do not waste water, recycle. We have a no fuss, no extra boxes and cellophane packaging. Our products are not tested on animals just staff and my sisters. The makeup collection is a great product at a fabulous price. We are a family owned business.

Here are my New YOU beauty resolutions…We are trying.

How about you?

  • I will take better care of my health and my heart by eating more of the right things.
  • I will try to add more exercise to my daily life‚Ķgood for all parts of my body.
  • I will learn to embrace the parts of my face and body I don‚Äôt like.
  • I will not go to sleep with my makeup on.
  • I will try a few new lipsticks, eye colors, and blushes for a change of face pace.
  • Change is good for your soul. I will remember that in all I do that is different.
  • I will get a professional makeup lesson to do the right thing and look my best.
  • I will get a professional facial at a spa or salon‚Ķat least once a month.
  • I will add a professional massage to my life, which will keep my body happy.
  • I will drink more water and less junk drinks.
  • I will add tea to my life‚Ķ tea is filled with good for you things. Freshens breath and helps your gums stay healthy.
  • I will throw out that old, tattered and run down sweat outfit and or bathrobe. A cozy new outfit always makes you feel and look better.
  • I will strive to be an even better person than I already am. Nice women are prettier and have fewer wrinkles.
  • I will try to smile more and stress less.

Hope you enjoy this list to think about, do, and take care of fabulous YOU!

We offer beauty for a cause. We donate to various organizations and charities for women and men born with Down Syndrome in memory of my darling twin brother .

We are going green and gorgeous one step at a time. I promise you will be happy to do business with us and enjoy our multi-tasking, good for your skin and fun makeup products.

Gotta beauty question…I can help!

Laugh until your mascara runs!


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He’s NOT a retard~ Nor is he retarded!

October is Down Syndrome awareness not just Breast cancer awareness month. Did you know? 

People born with Downs are just like you and I. They want to be treated well, have fun, enjoy a good movie and dining out. They are kind, clever in their own way, funny,charming, handsome, pretty,love to work  and  AMAZING. 

They rock!

I know first hand because my twin was born with Down Syndrome. He was the wind beneath my wings and my older brother. (six minutes) We were poor he made us rich. So, to hear the words ”¬†retard ” highly offends me. I hate to hear those words. I don’t hate often or really ever…but I do hate when I hear words like these from poeple of AL ages. They use it for whatever reason. My twin brother died suddenly a few years ago under a doctors care for a simple cold. The doctor did not care enough. The story way¬†painful to go into at this time. I simply want to make you aware what the month of October also stands for.

If you want to do yourself a favor? Make a friend with a person who was born with Downs. They may just be your NEW BFF~

He’s not a retard…he’s my wonderful twin brother.