What is a facial,really?

People often ask me …IMG_7411What is a facial?

So,I have decided to share my fave beauty secret with you. I love to give,teach and have facials as I am an educator in the spa industry. This is my addiction besides wearing luscious lipstick!

  • Imagine taking a rejuvenating hour for you and pencil in some ME time for your face and body.
  • Booking an appointment for a deep cleansing or European facial is the first step.
  • Next, you go to the makeup/skin studio,spa or medi-spa for your appointment.
  • After a hectic stressful work day or on a Saturday you arrive for your appointment.
  • You are led by your esthetician (the skin care professional) to a dimly lit room,with relaxing beautiful music playing.
  • You are then invited to  undress and put a facial drape/gown on.You don’t have to take off all your clothes.Just your top or your dress. I prefer taking my bra off to be more comfortable.You rest on the facial bed with a comfortable head rest.
  • Your hair is wrapped in a towel or hair cap,Lightweight blankets are pulled over you,wrapping you in cozy softness and warmth. A candle or soft lighting surrounds you.
  • You will then start to relax,as you begin to realize you are experiencing a pampering treat like no other!!!
  • You go to your appointment with a clean face or they will remove your makeup for you and clean the skin. Then your skin is cleansed even more. ***I prefer to go with no makeup on and a bag over my face. Just kidding! I wear a pair of sunglasses, a bold lipstick and go. The day’s pollution,oil,makeup and the esthetician’s hands go to work to encase your face in the palms of her hands.
  • Then your face is steamed by a facial steam machine or by a bowl of steam aromatherapy or herb water  and done manually. Steam is used to help the skin absorb creams and serums and helps soften and lift dirt in the pores that cause blackheads and whiteheads.
  • They will apply cool cotton pads to you eyelid area.
  • Next, your face is massaged.the massage is a very important part of the facial treatment service.It helps blood circulation,which removes toxins and waste. The massage also is very very relaxing. It relaxes the facial muscles to a destination bliss.
  • An exfoliating scrub and or a facial mask is applied depending on the spa you are at and their protocol.
  • The face mask prescribed just for you and your skin too tones,hydrates and tightens the skin. Some spas may even apply more than one mask and to different sections of your face.
  • Some spas give you a heated mitten and heated foot bootie treatment to soften skin and relax you.Some give you a glorious massage by hand with a yummy or unscented lotion.You get to pick one.

Once this process is complete,you will leave feeling oh so calm,cleansed and your skin will look amazing. Your makeup will glide on like silk. Better than when you walked in the door.

You know that feeling when the dental hygenist cleans your teeth every six months at your dentists office?

This service/skin treatment is just like that but for your compelxion! I am obsessed and LOVE to go monthly in and out of town in my travels. Once you experience it you won’t stop.Your skin will love you! Maybe look younger too.

Chinese New Year Day 3 Beauty Secret

Beauty of Black Rice Facial


Black Rice is an amazing skin tightening moisturizing mask from your kitchen. You know by now I am a beauty and foodie lover. Not all beauty comes from the store. You can whip up some treasures in your kitchen.

I create the mask with the following:

1 Cup of Black Rice

1 cup of distilled water

Soak the rice in the water for a few hours or even better overnight. Take the watery dark lilac water from the mixture of the two and place on a cotton ball. Apply to your clean face. Leave on 20 minutes. Let dry and apply makeup and go out on the town or rinse, moisturize and go to sleep.

You’LL WAKE UP with softer, tighter skin and love your skin.

Can be used once a week or once a month.

*Obviously, if you are allergic to rice do not try this mask. My recipes are meant to enjoy on the cheap but never make with ingredients you are allergic to.


Got left over bananas on the way out? You can make muffins or bake some banana bread OR you can try this.

As the weather changes so does our skin. Take the peel off and place the banana in a bowl. Mash with soup spoon. Place this mixture on your face & neck (not eye area), elbows or soles of your dry tired feet. Leave on for 15 minutes and rinse well. Follow up with your fav’ moisturizer.

You’ll love this Banana Babe delight~ Eat bananas and you have a potassium blast and better than eating a cupcake. (However, I’d love to eat BOTH)

*Note: It will be a little slippery. So use a little sense and caution. ENJOY! Guys love this too~