My skin CAN’T get enough…

New Image-body milk

My skin can’t get enough of this! Pour on yummy softness the companies bottle says and THEY MEAN IT.Tell your dry skin …Bye!Bye! This delicate moisturizer is infused with vitamin E rich,natural rice bran oil,light fragrance warm sweet cream deliciousness.

I am in love with the way my skin feels and looks. Don’t buy another lotion until you get to try this heavenly potion. I am hypnotized and my skin feels fabulous too.

Created by hot chicks from Texas who call the farm home.They say their cows eat cookies and I believe it.

SWEET Dreams and softer looking skin!

Some days you just need a little Whoopie~


Don’t you love to be in love and to be LOVED? I do!

Well if you’re in the mood for a pampering SPA weekend with yourself or a BFF,wrap yourself in this!
This shea butter whip is what the company calls a jar full of joy! I call it a cross between heaven and your kitchen. Lightly scented white velvet cream and moist layer cake wraps you in moisturizing love!
Inspired by famous comfort desserts like Whoopie pies it gives my skin and spirit a high!

The supple butters,Vitamin E and jojoba and soybean oils calm even the driest of skins. A giftably gorgeous jar or tube of YUM.
You gotta try some!!!

Paraben and sulfate free. Each scrumptious products is 88%-99.6% natural. MADE in the good old state of Texas.

Day 6 to more beautiful skin

New Image-heel glazeHeels cracking or snagging your sheets? NOT so pretty, right?

Try Honey Heel glaze by FARM House Fresh goods. I love this products,OPRAH loves this and so do my clients in my private makeup studio….this heel,foot and leg treatment is simply YUMMY. It smells like honey and pumpkin pie! I’ve got the jar open…Can you smell it? The moisturizing delightful ingredients are absolutely amazing on the skin. The scent puts in such a good mood, even if you are not in one. It also comes with a mini spa like fan brush to apply easily.
PAINT your feet soft my dahlings and enjoy the aroma and softer skin.

You know I love to D.I.Y. from scratch but you can’t duplicate this recipe for softer heels. Addictive!

Smile and say Cheese!


The holiday season is in full swing and taking pictures at parties and family events will be a part of it. Last week on my  TV segment for The Morning Show I showed the viewers a peek inside my professional makeup box. So, it’s only natural I had to share them with you.

What you will need is to first make sure your face is clean and polished. I love to use a sonic cleanser like Clarisonic skin system. I also highly recommend you use a good face cleansing mask like Splendid Dirt by Farmhouse Fresh or look for a Firming and Tightening one. Guys need to get in on the action too. A microdermabrasion Crystal Peel soap or cleanser will clean the skin and buff away a tired appearance and dead skin. Hydration is key on TV I showed Dermatude Hydra Booster moisturizer but any good moisturizer will do. So, clean skin is important and so is hydration. I like to use an eye gel on all my photographic work,my clients amd one my face day and night. Your eyes are the windows to your soul, if they look dehydrated and tired it will show in the pictures. If you use concealer and I hope you do..make it a salmon colored concealer. This color obliterates a pooped out look. As we age, so does the skin around our eyes and we get a darker ring around the eye especially the inner corner. Next, a face primer is your answer to poreless looking skin. To make your pores look smaller and makeup to LAST this is a must. This product is applied before foundation but after moisturizer.  For the ladies you need to use a richer foundation or a product called Not Your Mother’s Foundation to even out the complexion. Applying more blush is a must especially when it comes to picture taking. Otherwise you can look really washed out.

A mascara in dark blue, green,eggplant or brown/black will define your lashes and make the whites of your eyes look brighter.

A luscious shiny gloss or a medium shade to bright lipstick will make your lips look stunning. Skip a strong shade of lip liner if you want less of a lined outline look or try an invisible lip liner. It locks color in place and defines the lips to make them look larger or smaller. Even children and men need a lip conditioner. The weather outside is colder in most parts of the world or downright freezing so the lips will dry out,peel,flake and look bad.

Set the make-up with Asian Rice Face Powder or an HD face powder . Even the men need this over their moisturizer to look less shiny in photos. Balding guys can help that receding hairline by applying this magical trick of powder to that area. Always work in downward strokes so the hair follicles won’t fly up and be so noticeable.

Now, for the hair…make sure you have a fresh haircut or trim. Hairspray is a must I am in love with Italy Hair Fashion spray. I recommend it to my color treated hair clients to make their salon visits last longer. Spray softly and smooth away those  flyaways with my fav’ brush called the WET Brush. It will detangle and be your go to brush.

Wear nail polishor get a manicure  in case your hands show in the photo, especially if you take a close up and they are in the photo. I love some neutral shades by OPI.

A soft natural look will not do…I don’t want you to look like “cake face” and over do…I simply want you to be aware you’re not running errands or jogging…you need some makeup, a bit more color to your face and the right tools to look GREAT in photographs.

If you’d like to learn more on this subject go to and see ME on TV and  my beautiful photographer and friend Anetta Nadolna of Art ‘N’  Illusion Photography and salon with more tips on how to pose for pretty pictures and what to wear. (She’s the photogrpaher of my new photo in my last post and on my profile page.)

Create some memories and take some beautiful and fun family photos. A pictures says a thousand words! What will yours say about you?

Lights, Camera, Beauty!

The City shined and was even prettier when the International Beauty show AND IECSC shows arrived in town. Anyone whose anybody in the land of beauty, lotions and potions…came to the city from ALL OVER THE WORLD.

As for the show, the booths were filled with beautiful ideas, bright colored products and gorgeous looks on models. This is the educational beauty red carpet event that I am not only honored to speak at but to attend every year.

Wish you were there.

The stage presentations dazzled with glitz and glam. While it rained outside the professionals, spa owners and salon owners poured inside to stock up on the latest and greatest in beauty. They also attended mega amounts of classes to show them HOW-TO’s, business support and new ideas to make their client’s look and feel amazing! 

Here is what’s HOT NOW: 

  • Anything bright from makeup, to makeup brushes to hair tints and more.
  •  Hair had an anything goes kind of attitude but healthy and shiny hair rocked the shows.
  • Argon and Moroccan oil still are on trend.
  • Long lasting shiny pretty nails in candy coated colors ruled.
  • Colored hair extensions reigned supreme fun!
  • Skin has never been more in~FarmHouse Fresh made our skin feel delicious!
  • Makeup was hot hued… colored liners, colored eye shadows and mascaras too.
  • LIPS were smoochie from clear to shiny to matte highly pigmented color~
  • Male skin care is all the rage. ORGANIC Male4om is what he wants!
  • It was one big cocktail party of beauty!

 If you are a FAN of Real Housewives of Atlanta, you would have been green with envy. No, I did not rub elbows with the Nee Nee and the girls. I met the one and only DWIGHT the Colin Cowie of Atlanta. Event and party planner and fashionista galore. He was warm and posed for photos like a MODEL celebrity pro!

After three glorious days of two fabulous beauty shows, I spent time all around NYC with my sisters and friends. Ate dim sum until my Spanx puffed out and enjoyed my fav’ delicious places all around the city.  I also spaaaaaaaaaaahed just in time for SPA week. I got buffed and sloughed with a peaches and cream glow at the The Origo Spa, a hidden treasure in Chinatown. Little Italy for a creamy cappuccino and a decadent cannoli rocked my mouth. Now, back I am in a “fog of beauty”.

Bundles to unpack and more fun to be had in my makeup studio!!!

New York, New York a hell of a FABULOUS town~