Craving fall best of all!

imagesCA3CDK3IDVFFall is on its way…you may not feel it yet but it is about to arrive.
It is a magical time of year and the colors are too! We gradually put away our summer wear and pull out our fall clothes for cooler weather. Look effortless this fall with a few easy pieces in beauty and fashion.

I attended this year’s Fashion Group International fall/winter fashion preview in New York City this past April and my former boss the fabulous designer, Diane Von Furstenberg,hosted it and moderated a panel.I can’t get enough of her and her fabulous fashions.
I got to get a sneak peek into what colors of make-up and fashions you will be FALLing in love with.

The colors of the season are a mixed beauty bag of tricks!
Here are a few must haves to update your face wardrobe with:

Skin has never been more in! Take care of it! There are so many new products and formulas. There is really no excuse to why you can’t. Looking good takes a little work but is so worth it.

Ready-to-wear shades for fall and winter are: The color of wine will be sublime along with warm nude, pink fuschia and classic crimson red for your lips.

Eyes can be a mix and match blend of black, white, honey, soft violet, merlot, deep blue, gray, glam gold, and sterling silver. A mixture of matte and shimmer on the face will help you look up-to-date.

Dark, vamp, smoky eyes are so yesterday. Instead define your eyes with a shadow, rich or bright gem colored pencils, and a touch of black or brown under them. Black liner is a staple in my makeup kit, although jewel tone shades are so much more fun and pretty! Some hues I like to use are teal, blue, purple, and green. These shades also make the whites of the eyes look brighter.

The perfect eyebrow is always in fashion. Consult a brow stylist for a personalized, updated look.If you happen to live in sunny Jacksonville Florida;John Brent at Chocolate Blonde Salon is the guy for you! If you happen to live in LA…Damone Roberts is the man!

For the daring, Paperself Lashes come in a decorative array of designs. For example, lashes in the shape of a butterfly, a bird, or even a fish. Faux lashes with tiny gemstones are trending now too.

Lasting Shellac and Gel nails are in the limelight. Manicures and pedicures have never been more popular. It’s a way to add a little color to your life; the shades and possibilities are endless.From OPI to Revlon you can rock some amazing shades.

Hair color trends “WOW” in shades like copper fields,winter peach and toasted grains…Aveda has some amazing new hues.

Men continue to be getting into taking better care of their appearance. From teeth, whitening at home systems, like Supersmile, to getting deep cleansing facials and having their eyebrows groomed. It is a new beauty frontier for men.

For clothing & accessories:
Clothing colors:Mykonos blue, samba, acai, linden green, koi, turbulence gray and of course the color of the year emerald, all predicted by Pantone the color experts are hot this year.

Have the courage to wear anything that is animal print or anything with it in it, like a scarf, shoes, purse or earrings! Think Shad Khan and the Jaguars!

Brighten up your complexion with winter white, shiny materials and sequins.

Out with sky-high heels and into sensible heights that are pretty for our back and feet!

Hose is making a comeback! Warm up to nude hose thanks to the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. In addition, black opaque, artsy patterns and textured hose are in for this fall/winter.

Men are seeing a need to be more fashionable too. Not the usual safe dress shirt and khaki pants. Guys are taking a hint from the men of Italy. A fearless way of dressing that includes bare ankles (no socks), slim suits and unique color combinations for shirts, jackets and ties.

So express yourself, take care of yourself, and remember to be yourself…and you will always be in fashion.

The Beauty of Diane Von Furstenberg

FGI_LogoTxt_193U_hiresCounting down to Fashion Group International’s event to show fashion,design and beauty pro’s the Fall/Winter 2013 color and fashion trend presentation forecast in the one and only New York City.I also look forward to meeting and seeing the faces behind the names of fashion and beauty editors and a fashion blogger.

A woman I continue to admire and worked for in NYC is moderating the event. Diane Von Furstenberg… I truly can’t wait to see and hear her.She is a smart,sexy,charismatic and above all fashionable woman who taught me so much about life and business including her original mantra “Feel like a woman wear a dress.” That mantra stuck with me for years and I am so glad it did. She is so right it does make a difference wearing dresses and skirts versus pants and pant suits.

I own many of her infamous wrap dresses,cosmetic bags,scarves,purses,rain coats and blouses.I even have lipsticks and perfumes from her cosmetic and fragrance launch. Diane is a fashion icon and does more than design clothes! She does many other good works and more woman should follow her lead. Looking for a good read at the beach or on a long weekend this summer? Get a copy of her book it is one you don’t want to miss.

This organization is a global one started by women in history and I am proud to be a member of Fashion Group International.Founded in 1930 by Eleanor Roosevelt,Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubinstein to name a few.
Have you got a serious love and passion for fashion? Join…

As Diane Von Furstenberg says today “Be the woman you want to be.” I am.

Fashion Group International

Eleanor Roosevelt, Elizabeth Arden, Helena Rubinstein, Karl Lagerfeld, Diane Von Furstenberg and so many more!

What do all these famous people have in common?

They  all have been members or are members of  Fashion Group International a world-wide organization in fact the first three women founded the group.

Fashion designers,interior designers,beauty icons,hair stylists beauty brands,color experts,fashion stylists,fashion magazines,and other creative professionals are members.

I am a member too. It’s empowering,fashionable,creative,motivational, trending  and best of all networking fun. You to can join in on the fun too and be a member too. The North Florida chapter is hosting a fabulous event and it’s last call. 

Thursday September 13,2012

Inside Out

A healthy beauty twist… usually they host  fashion or art events

6:00- 7:00PM Cocktails and mingle time

7:15-8:15 Panel of Beauty and Health PROfessionals… I am on the panel too

8:30-9:00 Networking and wrap up.

Cake pops …by Frosted By Darla

 Swag bags!

Plenty of door prizes !!!

See Facebook for invite and tickets!

Are you going to join us? If you live in Jacksonville, Fl. I’d love to see you there!

Fashion Group International in North Florida

Ready for fun?

If  you’re lucky enough to live in SUNNY  Jacksonville, Florida…join us for the next big event!

Beauty  Trends, health trends and more. It’s not just about the fashion you wear. It’s  about what’s on the inside of your body and staying healthy too. There will be a delicious mingling and networking hour. A panel discussion with me and other professionals. 

September 13, 2012


Preservation Hall

Jacksonville, Florida

Swag Bags and door prizes galore!

Bonus treat: Frosted By Darla cake pops…you gotta taste! Simply THE best!

Non-members welcome and Fashion Group International members.

Check on Facebook for more details. It’s  going to be a night of beauty, health, trends and fun! 


Fall, Beauty and Fashion?  You’re in luck!

Fall is SLOWLY coming on its beautiful way…you may not feel it yet but it is about to come our way. It is a magical time of year and the colors are too! We gradually put away our summer wear and pull out our fall clothes for cooler weather. Look effortless this fall with a few easy pieces in fashion and take care of your skin. Look for the Fashion Group International’s annual fashion event October 20th in Jacksonville Fl  It will have an even more modern edge and be a fashionable fun event. 

Are you a fashionista or beauty junkie than book your date for fashion, beauty, music and fun?

…At the launch of First Coast Fashion week event officially kicking off locally November 10, 2011 and thru the 12th and get a sneak peek into what fashions you will be wearing for now and next year. 

The colors of the season are a mixed beauty bag of tricks!

 Here are a few MUST haves and Must Do’s to update your face wardrobe: 

Skin has never been more in! Take care of it with regular facials and pore refining masks to de-junk your summer skin cells. You will love a body treatment that exfoliates with salt and aromatic nourishing oils. Book a visit in at a SPA for SPA week October 10-16t,2011…LOCALLY at only $50.00 a service. Visit and find a place near you. Save your skin and money too! 

 Ready to wear shades for fall and winter are: nude, crimson red, emerald, cranberry, deep rich blue, caramel, chocolate, taupe, cloud gray, glam gold and sterling silver. 

A mix of matte and shimmer on the face will make you look up to date. Choose which look you are in the mood for that day. 

Smoky eyes are so yesterday. Define your eyes instead with shadow and rich or bright gem colored pencils OR add a touch of black or brown under them.  Black liner is a staple in my makeup kit but jewel tone shades are so much more fun and pretty! Teal, blue, purple and green are there on the shelves waiting for you!

 The Perfect eyebrow is always in fashion. Consult a brow stylist for your updated look.

 For the daring, there is stick on eyeliner created by Dior. Unbelievably. In addition, Paperself black paper eyelashes continue to be in and faux lashes with tiny gemstones on them are too!

 Gloss on with gloss or make a statement in lip stains or bold lipstick shades. Lipstick tattoos are all the rage. Say hello to Violent Lips!

 Shellac nails are in…longer lasting manicures are what its all about these days and in beautiful fall shades! 

Hair is long or short but keep it freshly cut and take care of it. The latest trick products are ones infused with Argon oil for high shine and fly always or frizzies. I love and use it too!

For clothing:

 Have the courage to wear anything Leopard or with leopard in it!

 Brighten up your complexion with polka dots or anything with shiny paillettes or sequins. 

Off with sky-high heels and down to sensible heights that are pretty for our back and feet too says the doctors at locally owner Hands Feet and Beyond Spa. Manicures and pedicures are essential in the cold months too. 

Hose is making a comeback! Warm up to nude hose thanks to the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. Thank you Kate. I so love a nice pair of light and silky hose. They make me feel polished and pretty. Now that it is going to be colder, you really want to take care and keep your feet warm and moisturized. Black opaque and other textured hose will also be in vogue.  

As you can see fall and winter is filled with a gorgeous assortment of makeup shades and skin treatments and products to take care of your skin. As for fashion its going to be your time to shine and look your best too. Read magazines, attend at least one local fashion event and celebrate the season. Ladies and gentlemen get ready for looking good this fall and it does not have to cost a fortune.When shopping in town my fav’ store is minutes away in sunny Jacksonville.Visiting Florida or live here…they are located now in  Five Points, Fernandina and soon the Beaches…The Palladium has some chic and fab priced fashion gems. Check them out dahlings. Prices and fashions you gotta see to know what I mean. See you at one of their stores this fall?

Guys don’t feel left out. There are pink ties, lilac shirts and some fall things for you!

 Be yourself and you’ll always be in fashion~While you’re at it enjoy caramel apples, pumpkin pie, warm cup of cider and shopping for all things fashion!