Vacay or mini travel tips you need!

Who doesn’t love to travel?

I have always loved to travel. I got the “travel bug” when I lived in the tri-state area. I always heard the sound of airplanes. Manhattan has a lot of tourists arriving and landing and departing! JFK airport has many global flights too!

It is a beautiful sight and as I grew up I loved that sound of the airplanes more and more.

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So happy to be traveling again! It’s been a long time by one and a half years for me. How about you?

Here are a few of my personal tips I have cultivated through the years and now with the pandemic not over what to expect.

Choosing a window seat is lovely but can ruin your skin over time. SUN SHINE 🌞 at sunrise, afternoon or sunset is damaging to the skin over time. By the way, I love the window too. And if you pee a lot you need to make sure you choose an aisle seat to make it easy for you to get in and out!

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Don’t forget your sunscreen. Even under face masks the sun can get you! Apply sunscreen to your hands (especially the tops) and don’t forget your neck too!

Stay hydrated I can’t say it enough. BEFORE you leave your house, at airport and on your flight keep the water coming. Skip the caffeine especially if you’re anxious about flying it will only make you even more jittery.

Please note:

Airport and other places you go water 💧 fountains are covered and off limits due to Covid19 and refill water stations are closed off too. So if you’re used to bringing your own water or beverage container bottle with you. You will not be able to fill it with H2O.

Pack disinfecting wipes too! For each of you traveling. You will need to double check and clean your surroundings. The airplanes are very clean but you can ever be too careful or clean. On my Delta flights they hand you a disinfecting wipe packet when you get on board.

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Mask 😷 up!

I like to sprinkle some essential oil on my disposable mask or cloth mask with lips 👄depending on my mood. Most times I use lavender oil and I love ❤️ the Aura Cacia brand. It’s great quality and simply the best!

You MUST wear your face mask and keep your nose 👃 covered at the airport and on the plane ride and while switching planes. They are very strict to keep everyone safe.

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Pack a chamomile tea bag in your tote or your handbag.

Bigelow Tea Co makes an awesome one with stress relieving chamomile and calming lavender.sometimes when you order tea there isn’t any chamomile tea available. So order a cup of hot water and take the tea bag (for another time) they are serving and just use the water 💦 and make a cup of chamomile tea.


Travel with your favorite snacks. YOUR comfort food. Mine are bananas, apples, tangerines and anything crunchy, M&M chocolate candies or Hershey’s chocolate 🍫 or and HARD candies or gum.

These will not only comfort you they hydrate your throat which can get dry while flying with a mask on especially.

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Another calming treat is to pack a CBD tincture or CBD gummies to balance your mood if you’d like. They really come in handy. I love Martha Stewart’s collection of edibles.

I hope these tips bring comfort to you and help you on your next flight too.

Happy summer!

Kisses 💋 from Las Vegas!

I’m in beautiful and always fabulous Vegas! The heat is on. The other day it was 116 degrees.

Have you ever been?

Today I guest spoke at the International Esthetics Cosmetics and Spa Conference show. I had a sold out crowd! I so LOVE what I do!


Anyone who is anyone in beauty and hair is here! It is so exciting. I have missed guest speaking since Covid. But it’s beginning to look like a sense of normalcy and happiness!

The show floor was filled to the brim with so many booths. I attended a few classes and shopped and explored. I’m exhausted.

Tonight we had dinner at a delicious place called Orchids Gardens. They serve all kinds of Dim Sum 🥟 all day. I have been going to this place for years.

I’m taking notes 📝 and checking out all that I can and that is trending!

So please … Stay tuned. The time zone for me is a 3 hour difference and I’m starting to fade. Im going to take a bubble bath 🛀 and relax.

Then, I’m joining my husband for a cocktail 🍸 and eating a box of chocolates together in bed.

Sweet Dreams!

What are you looking for?

I am looking for smiles on peoples faces (without a face cover). I am craving all things we used to be able to freely do. I am counting down to when I can travel and get on an airplane again.But most of all I am looking forward to the day I can really hug family and hug a stranger too. Lately my pandemic cravings have me going for crunchy food like celery but I also have been up to no good with eating old fashioned candy. But since it is getting colder in Florida I am looking for cozy and warm. So today is going to be a relaxing self care and cooking up some edible delights and something in the slow cooker.

So with that said I am NOT going to get out of my silky gold pajamas and tie the hair up o my head with a hair mask that I will leave on for an hour or more. You can find hair masks by the jar on store shelves now but I also like to make them in my kitchen too.Even my husband enjoys these mask now and then.

The first thing I am going to prepare this morning besides a luscious big breakfast is Sangria.

I am going to let it cook away in a crock pot today. OR of course you can enjoy it cold too.

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What I like to make my sangria with is:

2 bottles of dry red wine

1 cup of brandy

1 cup of cranberry juice (not cocktail)

1 cup of simple syrup

2 oranges sliced

1 cup of pomegranate seeds

1 cup of fresh cranberries

4 or more cinnamon sticks

*My husband likes it infused with a sachet of peppercorns but I skip it sometimes)


Pour wine,cranberry juice,brandy,orange slices,cinnamon sticks and the sachet of peppercorns (whole) to your 4 quart crock pot.Stir gently.

Set the cooker on high. Stir after one hour and place on low for a few hours.

Check on it and taste test and keep crock pot on low or save for another time and refrigerate what you don’t drink. But I promise you it will be enjoyed and ALL gone!

I like to add a few of Maraschino cherries to each mug before serving. If you’d like to embelish with a cinnamon stick go for it. Use it as your spoon.

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This is so easy and fun to make!

Wine Face Mask…Yes Please!

Vinotherapy is the best therapy whether you use a K Beauty mask like Tony Molys wine sheet mask or you make it yourself. In drier colder weather I like to give myself a red or white wine face mask. Simple to make.I do this once a week when i can remember or cheat with a sheet mask. They are so convenient to use. Filled with anti-oxidants wine also is known to give the skin an instant glow. French women know all to well about this beauty skin care secret. And have you ever seen a Parisian woman’s skin? Lovely! Also some people enjoy drinking wine every day.

Before any facial mask you need to cleanse your face.Thoroughly! I like to wash my skin twice. By the way, as always you want to do a patch test on your inner arm above your wrist to see if you happen to be allergic to any of the ingredients.

WINE on and Carry on Gorgeous!

3 tbsp wine

1 tbsp honey

2 tbsp plain Greek yogurt (I prefer organic)

Combine and mix all of the ingredients in a bowl. I apply a sheer coat all over my face not the near the eyes and the lips and on the neck.

Leave the mask on at least 10 minutes.

Rinse well with a lukewarm water and a washcloth.

Apply a spritz of rosewater toner on a cotton round.

Lastly put on your favorite moisturizer.

Got some leftover? Refrigerate but remember it will expire and needs to be used in a few days.

Sip sangria all day give yourself some self care today and nibble away.

Cozy Kitchen hacks to warm you up from your kitchen…

I love this time of year! The season we look forward to with the yummiest of foods and more. So, here are my fav’ things to do or make around this time of year especially!

Add some dark chocolate and maybe throw in a hot pepper for a little or a lot of kick when making a pot of chili.

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Have OLD unused Mulling Spices in your cabinets?

I do and a few nights ago until now I am enjoying all the spices: Allspice,cinnamon,orange peel and cloves. I made a pot of Stove Top Potpourri for my home. All you do is take one or two handful of it and toss it in some boiling water and leave on stove top on low. My house smells AMAZING. It is like perfume for your home but not from a plug in or spray can. Healthier too.

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Another cozy thing I like to brew is some hot tea or cider and embellish with orange rinds,dried apple slices,cinnamon sticks,cherries,star anise and nutmeg. SO fun and delicious.

Next recipe sweeten up your wontons!

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Next time you make Chinese food or you feel like a won ton. Make dessert version with a crunchy twist.

Sweet Wonton Crispy Delights

What you will need for this easy recipe:

1 dozen won ton wrappers (*or more)


Cinnamon sugar or Brown sugar

Brush a little melted butter over each won ton.

Sprinkle a dash of cinnamon over the top.

Sprinkle brown sugar over that.

Bake in oven until slightly golden brown.

Take out and serve with jasmine or green tea,coffee or a glass of milk. YUM!

Maple Bacon with a Twist

Love bacon? Me too! Sometimes too much.

If you want to sweeten up your bacon and on the cheap! Simple place your bacon slices in the pan. Pour a dash of a quality MAPLE syrup over them. OMG! You haven’t lived until you tasted this bacon. My husband asked me why it tastes so good? Because he knows the plain bacon doesn’t taste quite like that. I call it my Secret Bacon. Oh and have this beyond eggs in the morning on a BLT sandwich and you will love it even more!

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I hope you enjoyed today’s hacks and will come back for more!

It is cold outside and I LOVE IT!

We never really saw signs of fall here in Florida like we usually do about this time of year. So, you can imagine how happy I am when we woke up to colder weather. Today I pulled out a cozy orange sweater and a scarf!

How about that? I know what you’re thinking you think I am crazy…but Florida can be so hot and I am a Northern girl. I am used to walks in Central Park and the fall beauty and hustle and bustle of NYC!

So tonight after a days work and dinner. I am going to make a yummy hot toddy. No, this is not a boozed up drink but a warm and fall and winter drink. My husband and family love it too.

To make this warm drink you need:

4 cloves

1 piece of star anise

5 cinnamon sticks

2 Tbsp light brown sugar

2 quarts or less of apple cider

slices of fresh green apples

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Place in a cheesecloth the cinnamon sticks,cloves and a piece of star anise. Tie it on and place in a sauce pan of the apple cider. Place it on a low flame. Allow it all to make love together on the stove top.

Next remove the butcher twined up spice bundle from the pot.

Pour the cider in a mug and sprinkle a bit of cinnamon Sugar or nutmeg on top before serving. Embelish with an apple slice. Delicious…especially if you love cider.

Slather up with your fav’ seasonal hand and body lotion and just chill out in bed and CLEAR your head. YOU deserve it!

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Feed Your Face from the Inside Out!

assorted sliced fruits in white ceramic bowl

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I’m really trying to enjoy being more green, clean and eco friendly…with my food and lifestyle.

And in my skincare too!

Skin is so in…Especially when it is healthy looking. If your skin is not looking the way you would like it to… Perhaps its time to try something fresh and new! Looking good takes a little effort girls and so worth it. If you do not have a skin care regime now is the time to start. Also if you have been wearing sweat pants and not taking care of your skin think about taking time for YOU and get your skin in shape too.

They say “You are what you eat” and it is so true. Eating right … with a little bit of a naughty is really best. All in balance and moderation darlings! I’ve been on a kick of making SMOOTHIE BOWLS and making them is so much fun too. Your whole family will enjoy.

I love to get glowing, use beauty from my kitchen, a local farmer’s market, and make a few D.I.Y. beauty recipes and beauty potions on my own.

I will share some of the them on my new podcast to come too! But here are a few for you to enjoy this Memorial day too.

Take care of your skin and your skin will always take care of you!

Recipe for pretty skin starts from within. Not only are these good to eat they are good to use as skincare. Especially when many of us are on stay at home orders.

Yogurt (plain Greek yogurt) makes a GREAT cheap and chic face mask. Apply to a clan face and leave on at least 15 minutes. Genty exfoliates dead skin cells too.

Avocados are a great for hydrating your face and neck. Add honey to a mashed avocado and leave on at least 15 minutes. Your skin will LOVE it.

Bananas work wonders on dry elbows and knees. If your bananas are beyond ripe and you don’t feel like making banana bread…give your skin a moisturizing natural treat.

In addition, when the weather is hot and you want to chill down and make your skin feel amazing. Take a plain ice cube and rub gently on your skin. Not your eye area but try on the face. It will tighten your pores and make your makeup glide on beautifully. I also like to use an ice cube on my chest and neck. So cool and refreshing.

Have a BEAUTY filled deligthful day!


Easy Marvelous Mojito

I love to entertain my clients in my business and guests in my home. I even wrote a book on it “Entertaining in Your Salon or SPA. A combination of food,drink and marketing fun!

Now times are a bit different and we are in a new frontier as we are in the midst of social distancing. But we still need to stay hydrated and connected with our family at home too. I am sipping one or two with my husband today.

Here is a thirst quenching recipe to enjoy this holiday weekend!

Marvelous Mojito Lemonade

2 quarts of lemonade,6 large fresh mint sprigs crushed and place in the lemonade.

Refrigerate prepared lemonade for a few hours or overnight. Crush fresh mint sprigs. Place the mint into the bottom of the pitcher or each glass.close up photo of clear glass mason mug with white liquid

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To serve the lemonade pour into tall glasses and top with
club soda. A lime wedge and a sprig of fresh mint. Want to rum it up? AND add some rum. Go ahead.

Everyday is a reason to celebrate. Celebrate the beauty and meaning of Memorial day and why we enjoy and celebrate this beautiful long weekend.


shallow focus photo of hamburger

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I love makeup but I also love to cook. Let’s celebrate every single day in our own way! Missing going to our fave Mexican eatery I had a craving for something. So I am making Margaritas and a crisp cold salad and this recipe. I am watching my calories since the pandemic has me filling all of my cravings for food and sweets. It is tough isn’t it?

Here is a recipe I enjoy for healthy Mexican sliders.

1 lb of ground turkey

1/2 tsp garlic powder

1/4 tsp black pepper

1tbsp chili powder

1 avocado mashed

8 tomato slices

4 reduced fat pepper jack cheese

Prepare in a medium bowl,mix together turkey,chili powder,garlic powder,and black pepper. Divide your turkey into 8 different portions to make a slider shape into a patty.

Place patty in frying pan. cook well for at least 3 to 5 minutes

Place burger on a bun and top with 2 tsp avocado, 1 tomato slice and 1/2 a cheese slice. OR switch it up and create your own version to suit your taste!

Life is delicious!




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