Time to rise and shine to 2019!

Time to reflect,renew,rejuvenate and plan for another year and being wonderful you!

Make the first day of the new year a day to rest if you can and celebrate all you have become up until now. Evaluate what you don’t like and and concentrate on what you do want in your life. IF you don’t love the way things went in 2018. Work on moving forward and changing it.

Take better care of yourself and your health in the new year.

Healthy self =heal thy self

Try new things!

Keep MOVING,walk,ride a bike, jog,do yoga jump rope!

Eat more fruits and veggies

Welcome more color to your life.clothing,makeup and decor.

Don’t go to sleep with your makeup on

Treat yourself more…you deserve it.

Don’t forget to floss! Brushing is not enough…for kissing and for a healthy mouth

Get yearly checkups for your skin with a doctor,dermatologist and dentist

Pencil in more ME TIME


Never loseyour inner child.

Love your freckles, beauty mark and face!

Say please and thank you!

Keep promises you make to others and yourself.

Respect yourself and others too

Say I love you

Be honest

Feed your SOUL and give it what it needs

Help each other

Give hugs freely

Discover what makes your heart dance.

Travel and explore this beautiful planet

Don’t make fun of or talk badly about people with disabilities. My brother was born with Downs Syndrome. I have heard and seen it all. They have feelings too.

Take better care of Mother Earth

Read more

Drink more water

Dreams do come true and can happen to you

Never stop learing!

Older people are wise people get to know what they have to offer

LOVE yourself…or you can’t quite love someone else

Smile MORE! You’ll wrinkle LESS!

WORK hard!

PLAY hard!

HAPPY NEW YEAR and thank you for reading my blog.

To my new followers thank you from the bottom of my heart for the follow. See you in 2019!


photography of a woman holding lights

Photo by Matheus Bertelli on Pexels.com

Sugar Me up!

photo SUGAR ME UP.JPGTis’ the season for sugar and  all the tempting sweets that come with it!

It is also the time of the year to kiss lots and the weather can give us the driest lips!

I like to make and use this D.I.Y. when I ma ready to KISS under the mistletoe and my lips get dry from rapid change in the weather  or times your lips simply need a moisturizing plumping boost.

My recipe is simple~

1 Teaspoon of honey (organic is my fav’)

1 Teaspoon of brown sugar (organic is my fav’)

Stir the two together for a lip softening treatment at home! Apply to clean lips and rub back and forth with your ring finger. Leave on at least 3 minutes and repeat rubbing process again.

Rinse with warm water on a wash cloth or flat round cotton pad.

Apply your fav’ lip balm afterwards.

Kiss the night away and ring in the new year with soft lips!


Tips Before You KISS Under that Mistletoe!

Red lips New years Eve

Getting ready to kiss tonight? Guys and Gals …Make sure it works out right.

Prep your lips for kissing with my sweet recipe!

  • Wash your lips with a warm washcloth.
  • Use a Honey & Almond scrub that you can find in the store. Or D.I.Y. and make one.if you don’t have the ingredients. Run your lips with organic brown sugar and coconut oil.Rub on your lips back and forth with your finger and leave on at least 3 minutes. Rinse well.
  • Brush your teeth with Supersmile toothpaste (A celebrity fave) or any other whitening toothpaste.
  • Floss your teeth yes floss and brush your tongue with a soft tooth brush.Bacteria does the Cha Cha on your tongue throughout the day.Keep your breath and gums fresh.You wanna be kissed and kissable don’t you?
  • Guys: Place a lip conditioner or lip balm on your lips guys. Hours before kissing so it starts to make your lips softer and look good.
  • Gals: If you want to kick it up a notch.Don’t just do a lip balm WEAR SOME COLOR.

Paint the town red. Bring out your sexiest outfit even if it is blue jeans and a sexy sparkly top.

You’re ready to toast the new year Hello and kiss under the Kisstletoe!

This is a unisex recipe.My husband loves it too.


A fresh new YOU!


A new year means the time to become a better version of you!
A fresh new start.

Here are my pretty pearls of beauty wisdom:

1. Choose HAPPINESS.Attitude ios everything.

2. Eat well…everything you put in your mouth counts. Eat more fruits and don’t forget your veggies. Stir fry your way to beauty.

3. Start with a fabulous NEW skin care regime and products.Never go to bed with your makeup on!

4. Take better care of yourself! Whip up some spa water with fruit, keep hydrated, and drink more water.

5. Smile MORE! WEAR lipstick it brightens your face and day!

6. Buy NEW makeup, get a makeup lesson and let an expert show you how to look like yourself only better.

7. Take a walk and calm your mind and body. Take a break from the mental chatter in your head. Recharge your body’s batteries. Walking or exercising will give you more energy.

8. Always add a dose of laughter in your day. It keeps the blues away.

9. All talk is about anti-aging. Take time for your skin! It is all about having prettier, healthier skin not how old you are.

10. All work and no play make you …a dull girl! Take time for you, shop on, buy something fun and beautiful too!

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I wish all my WordPress friends and fellow bloggers a happy,healthier and beauty filled new year!

Beauty resolutions worth keeping~

A new year ...make it count!


Happy New Year and New YOU~

We know you love our Mother Earth and so do we. In my cosmetic company and private makeup studio, we pride ourselves on doing our part. Not only do we offer you healthy beauty and skin care with a natural twist. We are also moving towards even better ingredients starting with our lipsticks we are making them paraben free. We are a green company…we are energy efficient, do not waste water, recycle. We have a no fuss, no extra boxes and cellophane packaging. Our products are not tested on animals just staff and my sisters. The makeup collection is a great product at a fabulous price. We are a family owned business.

Here are my New YOU beauty resolutions…We are trying.

How about you?

  • I will take better care of my health and my heart by eating more of the right things.
  • I will try to add more exercise to my daily life…good for all parts of my body.
  • I will learn to embrace the parts of my face and body I don’t like.
  • I will not go to sleep with my makeup on.
  • I will try a few new lipsticks, eye colors, and blushes for a change of face pace.
  • Change is good for your soul. I will remember that in all I do that is different.
  • I will get a professional makeup lesson to do the right thing and look my best.
  • I will get a professional facial at a spa or salon…at least once a month.
  • I will add a professional massage to my life, which will keep my body happy.
  • I will drink more water and less junk drinks.
  • I will add tea to my life… tea is filled with good for you things. Freshens breath and helps your gums stay healthy.
  • I will throw out that old, tattered and run down sweat outfit and or bathrobe. A cozy new outfit always makes you feel and look better.
  • I will strive to be an even better person than I already am. Nice women are prettier and have fewer wrinkles.
  • I will try to smile more and stress less.

Hope you enjoy this list to think about, do, and take care of fabulous YOU!

We offer beauty for a cause. We donate to various organizations and charities for women and men born with Down Syndrome in memory of my darling twin brother .

We are going green and gorgeous one step at a time. I promise you will be happy to do business with us and enjoy our multi-tasking, good for your skin and fun makeup products.

Gotta beauty question…I can help!

Laugh until your mascara runs!


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