MOM … The Most Beautiful Word!

Sometimes when I fly ✈️ I speak to my mom in the sky!

It is about to be another tough Mother’s Day for me. Even though my mother died a few years ago the sting is still real. It lives with me. My heart ❤️ is sad. How about you have you lost your mom too? Do you have similar feelings?

But one thing that comforts me is I have many beautiful memories! No one can take that away from us.

I so miss my mom!

❤️ I miss her lovely smile.

❤️ I miss her beautiful baby blue eyes.

❤️ I miss her Polish meals and speaking Polish to her!

❤️ I miss her burnt meals.

❤️ I miss her hugs!

So I am going to make the best of today and think happy thoughts of our times and years together that I was LUCKY to have!

If you’re a MOM! I wish you a delicious and beautiful day!