KISS countdown!


I admit it…I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE to get my teeth cleaned at the dentist’s office!!! Really! I love the way they clean the teeth,freshen the gums,polish my teeth and remove that naughty not so pretty tartar build up.
If you haven’t been to the dentist’s office lately nor ever had your teeth cleaned…you NEED to go.

To BE your KISSABLE best,smell fresh and look your best…make an appointment.
Did you know your heart health depends on it? Who knew? You want a HEALTHY heart don’t you?

If you can’t get to the dentist’s office and see the dental hygenist this is the next best thing I have found! Dazzle helps you polish your teeth like the dental office and best of all it is easy to do at home.

Get ready it is Kissing season! Valentine’s day is a week away.

Get ready to BE KISSABLE this Valentine’s day!

hot lipsKissing is so much fun and feels so good.Don’t you agree? I love to kiss and be kissed so with that said here is a plan to make your kissing memorable. Valentine’s day or any day!

Get ready to pucker up with… Supersmile Whitening toothpaste. All you need is pearl size drop on a DRY toothbrush. A fav with celebrities, models and Me!

Clean your tongue with the Supersmile tongue cleaner strip. It works so beautifully on scraping off bacteria, food remains and fresher breath will be yours.I recommend using this nightly.

Supersmile has a mouth rinse that is nice. But if you have not so pretty breath at times TRY SmartMouth a mouthwash system that keeps your breath extra fresh!
Dental floss can save your life…the health of your teeth is connected to your heart. No care your heart will suffer.Keep heart healthy and FLOSS daily. I love GLIDE dental floss.
Choose a sexy lipstick shade that makes you happy and you feel looks good with your skin tone. I LOVE high-powered and pigment classic Hollywood red! Go ahead… take a walk on the wild side. Just for a day or night. I LOVE THESE LIPS and the sexy pretty imprint. You want these kinds lips too. Don’t you?

You can skip lip liner or I like to use a INVISIBLE lip liner for shaping your lips beautifully… either to make them look fuller or smaller.

Add a KISS of gloss on top in the center and repeat the same to the bottom center of the lips. Secret of makeup artists~

While out and about…and you are eating a rich garlic meal…clean your mouth by eating parsley from your plate or MINT from your iced tea. It works!

Pout and shout I love you!

GUYS LISTEN UP …YOU CAN DO EVERYTHING but the lipstick or liner. But do use a lip conditioner every day for 5 days before KISSING.
Baby it is so cold outside…and snowy too.This weather does make a difference on your skin and lips.Get ready for a whole lot of KISSING~