Hello,Spring you bloom in my heart today!

Welcome gorgeous, happy and sun filled spring.

Last week I felt it’s early arrival in New York City now I sip a brew of hot jasmine tea and enjoy it in my garden chair. I had to stay home today and cancel my work day due to my hectic schdeule and or  travels have given me that run down flu bug and no voice.I wish I could speak today but all I can utter is an ugly struggling whisper.No fun having only the energy to sit or lay down in bed. I want to celebrate the beauty of today and the season that blooms in my heart today. I wil pick a few herbs to make a bouquet with and settle for a day to continue in bed resting. The rest of my week is full…I only hope I don’t have to cancel more days for this.

 I love Spring… it so makes my eyes and heart sing! Your garden of earthly delights make my life so rich!

Enjoy the riches in life and the eye candy our world has to offer.