Peace,Love and Blowouts!

drybar-photo-blog-jpgHave you ever had an actual blowout? No, not your tire blowout but a hair blowout.Many women do not know what it is.

A couple of weeks ago  a new spot for hair opened in Jacksonville,Florida. This is epic for the city.The name of the business is DRYBAR.

No cuts,no color,just blowouts!!! That’s all they do.

I have had this service done at other salons across the country but never by this brand. I tried to get one a blowout while working in these cities… Las Vegas,NYC and Chicago bu all locations were booked.They have sixty locations to serve you and offer long convenient hours.They recently opened a shop in a section called Brooklyn.So, being homesick and craving my NYC. I HAD TO GO!

The reception at the front desk was awesome. They took a good guess on my name and calling me by it once I walked in.What caught my eye first is all the yellow and white decor and when you enter the overhead lamp is made with a yellow blow dryer.

Pretty cool!

Next they asked me if I wanted something to drink. The offerings were:water,coffee,tea and a Champagne mimosa. I of course chose the Mimosa.

Blowouts I could choose from the service menu were named after drinks.If you don’t drink alcohol this could be a problem.But the services are described beautifully in the menu alongside pictures of how that style will look.

The Straight Up

The Manhattan

The Cosmo

The Mai Tai

The Cosmo-tini

Southern Comfort

Dirty Martini

The Uptini

Shirley Temple for kids or pre-teens

Add a braid to your service

I chose the Manhattan and a dash of Southern Comfort.

What  I wasn’t ready for was it took a total of 45 minutes! The stylists wash and work at styling and blow dry every strand of hair and they follow a certain protocol. If you do not want your locks to be pampered… you may not like this service.

I enjoyed my experience and you will too. Give them a whirl!

The holidays are coming and you may just need that special look for all the holiday parties and New Years Eve too. #treatyoself!

$40.00 per service

You book your appt. via the APP or connect online.




Gilded in Gold…and decadent!

I met this amazing dessert maker.I tasted her AMAZING glamberries (as she calls them) and never stopped dreaming or fantasizing about them. They are not just dipped in the chocolate of your choice but they are also dipped in this awesome sugar.

I hosted an Open House for my clients last weekend and they loved them so much! So much they felt guilty to even touch one as they did not want to ruin my pretty table presentation. That’s a first.

Don’t they look gorgeous?

You can find her on Instagram,Facebook and by telephone. You know when I find something fabulous I have to share it with you.

Glamour Gourmet in Jacksonville Florida!

Your News  Years eve party can be even more special if you order these! Or order them as a Hostess gift at Christmas.All that glitters is delightful~

Gilded Strawberries.JPG

Keep Your Chin Up face mask…

If you know of a BFF,your sister or even your husband wanting to get plastic surgery …this is the next best thing!

While TEMPORARY this Korean based beauty face mask formula is infused with vitamin C and plant extracts. The unique Hydrogel Chin Mask is designed to help IMPROVE the appearance of firmness,fine lines and crepiness for a more youthful, lifted look. See for yourself!

Not tested on animals. Sulfate,paraben,fragrance,artificial dye free!!!

A unique BEAUTY 911 rescue to look good for the holiday season or for partying on New Years Eve. Available online or in stores.

Makes a great stocking stuffer too!

Women helping women look good…I love to share these business owners with you!

http://www.miss-spa.comChin Mask high res

Christmas Countdown Gift Ideas for Guys

New Image supersmile lip tube

I love to GIVE rather than to get!
Stocking stuffers are my fav’! And I love to make sure they are USEASBLE and unique.
Supersmile unisex lip treatment,Hello Handsome Lip conditioner and Out of Africa Tropical vanilla lip conditioner with shea butter are at the top of my list
to give.

They all hydrate the lips,smell yummy and make the guy feel good!!!
And stocking stuffers don’t have to cost a fortune.

Say NO to boring lip chap stick. Make it special!
Guys wanna look and feel good too!

Countdown to Christmas Gift Ideas for the Guys!

classic-lean-wetMy husband is tall and has a bodacious build. I am only 5 feet 2 inches and her towers over me.He’s conservative, I’m not,he is serious a lot ,I am not. One thing we agree on.HE has grown to love the spa and skin care industry and appreciates the fact I care about my skin and wear makeup nicely too.

I have an entire candy shoppe filled with makeup,skin care and beauty tools.I also love things from other stores too. We carry Sonicare and my husband is in love with CLARISONIC sonic cleansing system and polishes his skin handsome every day. He loves what it does for the apperance of his skin, his pores and so much more. He is a long time user avid lover of the sonic toothbrush this company created before the face cleansing technology arrived.So, it is a perfect fit for him.

If your man wants fresher,cleaner and amazing looking skin…buy him this! It is awesome. You’d be surprised how much residue is still left on your skin after washing your face. ay bye bye to wash cloths and step up to today’s technology and way of cleaning.
I’m not selling you I’m simply telling you as a professional this is the BEST cleansing unit and I recommend it to all my high profile clients and more!

Maybe you’ll have a happy SONIC MAN like I have…who knows you may be addicted too.

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I believe…

nativitynativityMerry Christmas it is Christmas day to those of you who celebrate itBlessings to you and your family too.

I am in Florida and not with my family today. They are up north freezing away.But they are in my heart each and every day. I believe in CHRISTmas,Santa and all the beauty of this season. I am imagining I am at my beautiful Polish church attending mass in Polish and singing all my fav Christmas hymns and songs.I see myself at the table eating Polish food from my mom’s heart.I am imagining I am with my twin and my parents who are no longer with me on earth. I am pretending even just for a few minutes I am with my sisters and laughing all the way. If you are able to be with your family…This Christmas and year, hug them a little tighter. Shower them with sweeter kisses.
As Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz would say.There’s no place like HOME.

Retail Pie

Up to my red lips in business~ I don’t mean to stay away from blog posting…but my days are long and hectic. I don’t know if I shared with you in a blog but I own a beauty business and also a mail order business. Tis’ the season to get gorgeous so it’s been a beauty whirlwind. My beauty cottage under the old oak trees is filled to the brim with beauty candy. From makeup, to skin care, to pretty little pick me ups and gorgeous gifts.

We carry things to make a gal look good and feel good. Everywhere you turn there is the fun factor….cause girls just wanna have fun!

We also carry things for guys to look their best. I have a lot of newscasters, sports celebrities and football players as clients. So, its only natural to cater to men.

Our guests are enjoying our serving lush chocolate layer cake coffee with mini cheese cakes. Jasmine green tea and fortune cookies.

We offer free gift wrap and have gorgeous gift cards. We pride ourselves on one on one customer service and attention.

Trying to get my pretty piece of the retail pie…and getting a high taking care of business~

A beautiful recipe for success. Hard work,customer is #1 and fun and laughter!

I LOVE this time of year and helping people look and feel fabulous as well as help them find and choose the perfect gift!!!  

Ho! Ho! Ho gotta go as even though we are closed for the day,we have a dozen mail orders to ship that came in just before closing! A BUSINESS OWNERS work is never done. But I love it.

You must address your stress!

The weather outside is delightful but stress is kinda frightful.

As a business owner I have no time to spare and write  in my blog. I am like you trying to get it all done and my  work done. Since I too am stressed I had to share with you a few ways that help make my exhausted mood  too.

Always eat a good breakfast ! Drinking coffee or tea simply won’t do. You must nourish your body, to do everything you want it to do that day.

Keep hydrated. Drink lots of water.

I am not a doctor nor to I pretend to be one. However, I found a product from Bee-Alive that helps you under stress and has a unique blend of mood balancers. It’s called Rhodiola Plus.which really is a mood enhancer, mental & physical stress support. If you have questions consult your doctor for his input before using.

Snack on some fruit or crunchy veggies during the day. NOT cupcakes and chips.

Sprinkle the sheets and pillow cases with lavender baby body powder. Its soft scented and is very relaxing  and helps you rest better.

Take a warm bath in epsom salts after a long, hard day. Epsom salts do wonders for your muscles and you can soak those cares of the day away.They cost a dollar and will give you over 6 baths.

If  you have time to spare book a mini massage at the mall they have a relaxation station.Or go to a chain or your fav’ massage therapist. Massage works and the results stay with you for hours and hours.

Try a soothing  body lotion or hand cream. Soften  your skin with a scent that makes you HAPPY!  Wrap yourself in bliss…I love and do use this it is a mood adjuster for sure.

Chamomile  TEA drink some warm and cozy up in your bed or fav’ chair and read a book or write a letter or Christmas cards. It tastes exotic and you may add a dash of Agave nectar for sweetness. No milk nor cream please.

Listen to pretty music. David Young’s Bliss rocks my room and life with delightful soothing music.

I hope these tips will help you like they do me.

CHILL out and enjoy the reason for the season.