Just Got Back from …

IB NOT YOUR MOTHERS FACE POWDERThe International,Esthetics,Cosmetics and Spa Show.

I guest spoke and shared my expertise and the audience rewarded me with smiles and sitting at the Edge of their seat.I LOVE what I do and was happy to see the sea of faces too at this beauty conference in Ft Lauderdale.
The show floor was filled with the latest in anti-aging,aromatherapy and makeup.
Stay tuned for my blog on What’s HOT and What’s coming to a cosmetic counter or spa near you!

Photo: Not Your Mother’s Face Powder an irresistible beauty delight for a flawless complexion!

Not Your Mother’s Face Powder

Makeup melting away?

Mine too! Here is ” Not Your Mother’s Powder” to the rescue!

My face loves it and so do our clients faces too! Kisses your face with a soft warm glow. Say “Goodbye” to that same old face powder you have and try something new.

Powder Up , Buttercup!


Doesn’t she look …delicious?

Sorry I have been up to my lips with life and my business and not had a chance to post. Being me is exhausting. I have so much to say since my last post on beauty finds from the NYC International Beauty Show. I promise I will post more.

Here is a peek inside of what I have been up to.

This photo shoot was LOTS of fun! The model was just perfect for what the client wanted and photographed wonderfully. Sometimes photo shoots are a challenge. At times the model is all about her and not about your needs. This shoot it was all about the client and our model Kelli was very willing and open to the makeup artist(me).

I wanted a look for her that was SWEET and approachable via the eye!

Doesn’t she look DELICIOUS? I