I lOVE to play in my kitchen either trying out new recipes or whipping up some fun with beauty products and make my own creations. Over the summer holidays and partying we tend to forget about removing our makeup and crash out. But please don’t do that!  Your skin needs to be cleansed at night even if you didn’t wear makeup that day.

So, if you are looking for a little fun today or tonight and D.I.Y. try this easy step skin recipe.

3 tablespoons Aloe Vera gel ( I prefer it from a fresh plant)

1 tablespoon of Jojoba ( The brand Aura Cacia makes an awesome one)

1 tablespoon of organic coconut oil (I LOVE the Whole Foods brand)

  • Now here we go. I warm a small amount of jojoba in a pan on low heat. This will happen in seconds.
  • Next, I add the coconut oil and stir some more. A add the aloe vera gel. Turn off the stove top.
  • Stir these ingredients well and pour in a round (big mouth jar) preferably a  glass jar or mini bowl.

Enjoy! Refrigerate any leftovers to keep the cleanser preserved until next time you use it.

Like everything this has a shelf life so use it up quick!

This recipe makes a Gentle Makeup Remover that softens your skin and removes makeup at the same time. Use a mini scoop or mini spatula to apply it to your palms and remove your makeup. Then wash your face with your fave gel soap cleanser  or soap bar made for the complexion. Not a deodorant bar. Your face deserves the best! The deodorant bars are meant for your under arms and other body parts. Your face deserves TLC attention with the right stuff.

Please note: if you are allergic to any of the ingredients don’t use it in this recipe.

Your skin will love you… If you’re into natural beauty this plant based complexion treat is for YOU!

By the way, if you’d like to make this with a touch of fragrance try adding a sprinkle of your fave’ essential oil. My go to and fave is lovely relaxing lavender…especially before bed.

Sweet dreams and prettier healthy looking skin!


Day 30 to beautiful skin …wrap up!

I hope you enjoyed my 30 days to more beautiful skin.
EMBRACE your face. You can’t stop the clock on aging but you can learn to take better care of yourself~

Sunscreen is your BFF… not just your BFF. Apply it daily. Face, NECK, hands and body. Even cloudy days can give you a tan or sunburn.

Do not go to sleep with your makeup on. It MUST be removed. I love the Clarisonic Mia. Don’t fall for the false advertising and hope in a jar. A small dream sonic machine that is today’s washcloth. Using it day and night it helps shed tired old skin, flaky skin, cleans pores, makes pores smaller and helps control the oil. It is my fav’ beauty secret. I even have my husband using it!

Get a skin care check up
and see if you are using the right products for your face. As we age so, it must change. Your pores expand as we mature and gunk accumulates in them. The older you get the more you will have. Keep to a four step easy regime. Antioxidants rich are your skins secret weapons…
Cleanse, Tone, Treat and Protect…twice a day.

Facial serums,retinols and more rock and are all the rage. However, a little moisturizer goes a long way too. YOU DON’T have to use very expensive creams.
FYI even oily skins need moisture~ Hydrate the lips too!

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY…face cream is not an eye cream or gel. Eye creams or gels are made for the eye area. Apply one day and night. Counter clock wise around the eyes and on the eyelid too.

Watch what you eat. Yes, you must eat and nourish your body but do not drive yourself crazy with that word diet. You know that saying, “Live a little” it is OK in moderation for a decadent sweet treat.

As we mature, cell turnover slows and dead skin builds up. Whisk them away like a broom with a facemask or at home natural fruit mask. I love the sweet and amazing pineapple. Mash it up and place on your face for a fruit enzyme lift. Your skin will feel amazing. (Do not use if you are allergic to this fruit)

As we age, our skin gets more sensitive…find what works for you and stick with it too. There are so many products out there. You will find it.

Don’t like your legs but love the no hose fashion?
TRY Liquid Nylons OR jojoba…your legs will look amazing.

Keep Hydrated
and drink, drink, drink…WATER that is. It really helps your body, mind and skin.

Beauty sleep is very important do not skimp. Sprinkle lavender baby powder on your pillows and relax as if you were the fields of Province, France.

Give yourself a ME day…recharge, renew and revitalize.

I hope I have helped you to think about your pretty face and take time to pamper yourself too!Love Yourself!

Got a beauty/SKIN question? E-MAIL me at: info@noreenyoung.com

Shimmer like an Angel~

As a makeup artist who loves to cook and makeup…I so love whipping up things in my kitchen/beauty laboratory. It is so much fun and best of all economical! I have paid up to $50.00 to get my glow on but that isn’t cheap and chic. Do it yourself and have fun doing it.

 Here is my recipe for a luscious skin softening Shimmer Body oil:

1 bottle of Jojoba (technically not an oil) if you can’t find it use grape seed oil

 1 LOOSE light shade shimmering eye shadow or body powder.

 Place the jojoba from a squirt type plastic bottle into a pretty glass bottle.

Next, sprinkle as desired the loose shimmering dust. If you would like it to be less frosted and not over do…use less powder or loose shadow.

 Shake the two together and mix well. It will look amazing! I LOVE to whip up things in my kitchen and bathroom, which my husband calls my

 *If you want to add your fav’ essential oil and add a fragrance…Now would be the time.

After your next bath or shower and night on the town or in town in your home. Lube yourself up and try this Sexy recipe ala a Victoria Secret Angel.

 The fashion show event is hours away! We have waited all year and it’s almost here.

Get your wings on, shimmer oil yourself up, pour a drink and WATCH!

I LOVE to whip up things in my kitchen and bathroom, do you?

 My thighs feel like they are about to rise as these girls prance down the runway. 

How about you?

Gifts of Beauty D.I.Y.

My sisters, girlfriends and I love to make gifts of beauty and relaxation!

They are so fun and inexpensive to make especially in this economy. I am tired of hearing about the bad economy too. But here are some things you can  create gifts from the heart. Christmas, Chanukah, or I love you this is for you. I will be posting a NEW one daily for you to enjoy.

 These are my personal recipes that are tried and true and people who got them really loved them too! Their still talking about them.

Today it’s all about the body!

JOJOBA shimmering Body Lotion

1 16oz.  bottle with a pour squeeze spout

1 tablespoon of or less  of a loose glimmering eyeshadow or body powder

Depending on how much shimmer you want your body lotion to have use less if you want less shimmer.

If you make this recipe it can make many gift giving bottles and make one for you too! (It all depends on the size bottle you use)

If you’ve bought this from the store you know they usually cost up to $50.oo!

Sprinkle in to the moisturizing jojoba, shake well mixing the two together into a nice glass or plastic bottle.

*Adding a drop of essential oil adds fragrance. But I like it without it. This way I can wear my fav’ perfume.

Tie a bow and you are good to go and GIVE it!

 “As seen this morning on the one and only Channel 4 WJXT on my beauty segment today”