Easy Marvelous Mojito

I love to entertain my clients in my business and guests in my home. I even wrote a book on it “Entertaining in Your Salon or SPA. A combination of food,drink and marketing fun!

Now times are a bit different and we are in a new frontier as we are in the midst of social distancing. But we still need to stay hydrated and connected with our family at home too. I am sipping one or two with my husband today.

Here is a thirst quenching recipe to enjoy this holiday weekend!

Marvelous Mojito Lemonade

2 quarts of lemonade,6 large fresh mint sprigs crushed and place in the lemonade.

Refrigerate prepared lemonade for a few hours or overnight. Crush fresh mint sprigs. Place the mint into the bottom of the pitcher or each glass.close up photo of clear glass mason mug with white liquid

Photo by Mariel Matute on Pexels.com

To serve the lemonade pour into tall glasses and top with
club soda. A lime wedge and a sprig of fresh mint. Want to rum it up? AND add some rum. Go ahead.

Everyday is a reason to celebrate. Celebrate the beauty and meaning of Memorial day and why we enjoy and celebrate this beautiful long weekend.

A Supermodel’s Lemonade Recipe


In Florida we went from a mild winter, to  maybe 4 days of Spring and NOW summer and it isn’t not even summer! As a Northerner who moved to Florida for her southern husband I hate it. I know I should be grateful for palm trees and sunshine but the heat SUCKS!

Here is a recipe I found from InStyle magazine that I think is pretty cool in more ways than one.

I love this recipe!

1 cup of room-temperature water.

2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

1 tablespoon of Agave nectar

1/8 teaspoon of cayenne pepperBlog photo.JPG LEMONADE

Place all in a glass. Stir and enjoy!

And it makes you pee  lots because it is hydrating,cooling and eliminating!

The beauty of this recipe is it is Aussie super-model Elle Macpherson’s lemonade drink recipe and we know how fabulous her body is along with those LONG lovely legs.

No wonder she has been on the cover of Sports Illustrated five times! Drink up and refresh yourselves!

Luscious Lemonade Bath and & body scrub

Lemonade Bath and Body Scrub

In a bowl place all of the below:
1 cup of sunflower oil
2 cups of Epsom salts
1 fresh lemon squeezed into this mixture (no seeds please)

The zest of a lemon a refreshing rejuvenating surprise!Epsom salts are great for stress,detoxifying and for body aches.The lemon in it really brings back memories of my trips to Italy! Enjoy!

This weekend between work,church and domestic goddess duties I made this in my bathroom my husband affectionately calls my beauty laboratory. We BOTH loved this lemony scrub in the tub or in the shower. Good for at least 4 treatments.
I hope you enjoyed a fabulous fun weekend.
One day whip up some fresh lemonade to drink and this recipe to pamper yourself in lemons too.

Dirty Bird warmed me to my hips!

Oh how I love to share beauty and food finds with you. This one is one I enjoyed on a hot day in NEW YORK City last week.

Dirty Bird To Go is in the Union Square almost Meat Packing vicinity downtown NYC. I found out about it on the Cooking Channel- TV and just had to explore!

The fried chicken was crunchy delicious and they only use raised in Amish country Pennsylvania birds,certified humane, free to roam, antibiotic free.

They are not dirty far from it. Just a crazy fun name for crazy good chicken!

The location is bustling with a mix of all kinds of people who work in the area or people who live in this charming neighborhood.

It is a small eclectic cutie of a find with employees ready to serve not only the best chicken and cornbread and more BUT to serve you. I had called twice for directions as I took the subway and got a bit sidetracked in the wrong direction.

They serve things beyond fried chicken and have salads and home-made lemonade too.  The cornbread was the most unusual I have ever had. The decadent macaroni and cheese warmed me all the way to my hips.

I loved this place. I blog from the heart. Try it…you may just love it like I did. Comfort food at its best! They call it FAST Slow food!

I  call it sole food worth walking miles for! 

HOME-MADE by chefs with LOVE!


Manhattan, New York