The Magic of Macy’s, Lip Love and New York City!

photo Marilyn Monroe

Those of you who read my blog know I am obsessed with all things lips…including my own. Lips say so much even without saying a word. On my recent work and play trip to NYC,I browsed the windows before I shopped inside Macy’s. I love to do this and feel like Audrey Hepburn in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s.This store has my heart too.
This photo is one of several windows that Macy’s featured in a tribute to Marilyn Monroe! You can see why I loved it besides my passion for lips and fashion!

If you’ve never been you must see this giant store I so adore. I used to sell cosmetics there doing cosmetic promotions. Macy’s where you live? It’s not quite the same. This is an iconic landmark, a tourist attraction a sight to behold and to shop the day away.
They not only have fabulous shopping and prices. They have an amazing array of eateries and delightful food, bakery and chocolate departments.

If you go to NYC sign up in the customer service department for their special one day discount card and a free MACY’S gift if you shop till you drop and spend a nominal amount on goodies.
Macy’s LOVE TOURISTS and out-of-town guests!

Let’s not forget all they do for us at Thanksgiving with the Macy’s Day parade…spreading happiness, love & Santa~
I love THE MAGIC OF and shopping at Macy’s Herald Square Department store. If you haven’t been add it to your Bucket List of places to go! Shop on!

I’m back from NYC and on WordPress!

I’m sorry I have been up to my lips in beauty and FUN. Not in the sun but in the one and only Manhattan.My home, my playground,my work and time with my family.
It’s been on a whirlwind of beauty and fashion. one of the reasons I went to attend a beauty event for women and men in the cosmetics industry. I sniffed,sprayed,lathered and played in beauty.The cocktails,cosmetics and edible beauty cookies all tickled my tongue and made me swoon.There are so many new beauties out there!

I also was on a buying trip for my candy shoppe of fashion,beauty and unique gifts! Not an easy task! Especially since the snow came down,turned to slush and I got soaking wet and it was freezing.

I shopped until I dropped in the one and only Macy’s 34th Street Herald Square where I once worked I fell in love with the Marilyn Monroe fashions and tribute to all things Marilyn! See the windows I peeked at? TOO sexy! LOVE window shopping too.

Bloomingdales,Henri Bendel,Barney’s, Saks Fifth Avenue,the Container Store and more…New York City is far from a bore. I have so much more to share with you. Stay tuned.

Tomorrow I am a guest chef at the Salvation Army Celebrity Chef Tasting Luncheon here in Jacksonville Florida. Can’t wait to serve my chosen side dish to hundreds of people coming out for a beautiful cause.I love to cook and make-up! If you live in Jacksonville tickets are available at the door.

I’ll continue the above and so much more. Bear with me…I’m kinda exhausted~