Day 7 to more beautiful skin!

Drink up! Proper and daily hydration is a must for healthy skin and more. Stay hydrated and drink water daily. Women and men need to be aware winter not just a heat wave is an important time of year to keep fluids flowing. No beer doesn’t count. Water is the fountain of youth and nature’s best kept secret.

DON’T LIKE WATER? Really? I love it and live for it. Make your own Spa Water like they serve at chic and infamous spas all over the world. My fav’ is water infused over night with slices of lemons,orange and a mini bundle of mint muddled. Strain and pour yourself a glass of this cool, refreshing and delightful water.

Beauty From Your Garden and More!


Flowers and herbs….Can make you healthier!

Surround yourself with them to make you happy!

  • Eat parsley to freshen your breath
  • Make tea with fresh peppermint or mint! HOT tea rocks!
  • Bathe in bubble bath and add fresh rose petals to stress less.
  • Create a BODACIOUS body scrub with:

1 cup of olive oil

A few drops of lavender

¼ cup of Hawaiian sugar

Say hello to a softer skin!