Day 30 to beautiful skin …wrap up!

I hope you enjoyed my 30 days to more beautiful skin.
EMBRACE your face. You can’t stop the clock on aging but you can learn to take better care of yourself~

Sunscreen is your BFF… not just your BFF. Apply it daily. Face, NECK, hands and body. Even cloudy days can give you a tan or sunburn.

Do not go to sleep with your makeup on. It MUST be removed. I love the Clarisonic Mia. Don’t fall for the false advertising and hope in a jar. A small dream sonic machine that is today’s washcloth. Using it day and night it helps shed tired old skin, flaky skin, cleans pores, makes pores smaller and helps control the oil. It is my fav’ beauty secret. I even have my husband using it!

Get a skin care check up
and see if you are using the right products for your face. As we age so, it must change. Your pores expand as we mature and gunk accumulates in them. The older you get the more you will have. Keep to a four step easy regime. Antioxidants rich are your skins secret weapons…
Cleanse, Tone, Treat and Protect…twice a day.

Facial serums,retinols and more rock and are all the rage. However, a little moisturizer goes a long way too. YOU DON’T have to use very expensive creams.
FYI even oily skins need moisture~ Hydrate the lips too!

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY…face cream is not an eye cream or gel. Eye creams or gels are made for the eye area. Apply one day and night. Counter clock wise around the eyes and on the eyelid too.

Watch what you eat. Yes, you must eat and nourish your body but do not drive yourself crazy with that word diet. You know that saying, “Live a little” it is OK in moderation for a decadent sweet treat.

As we mature, cell turnover slows and dead skin builds up. Whisk them away like a broom with a facemask or at home natural fruit mask. I love the sweet and amazing pineapple. Mash it up and place on your face for a fruit enzyme lift. Your skin will feel amazing. (Do not use if you are allergic to this fruit)

As we age, our skin gets more sensitive…find what works for you and stick with it too. There are so many products out there. You will find it.

Don’t like your legs but love the no hose fashion?
TRY Liquid Nylons OR jojoba…your legs will look amazing.

Keep Hydrated
and drink, drink, drink…WATER that is. It really helps your body, mind and skin.

Beauty sleep is very important do not skimp. Sprinkle lavender baby powder on your pillows and relax as if you were the fields of Province, France.

Give yourself a ME day…recharge, renew and revitalize.

I hope I have helped you to think about your pretty face and take time to pamper yourself too!Love Yourself!

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Home-made Coconut oil lip jam

I love coconut I love to smell it, eat anything with it and they make me happy.

The beauty and foodie I am …I LOVE watching the Cooking Channel and Food TV lots! They keep on whipping up dishes using coconut oil. I purchased some and found it to be lovely for eggs in the morning, saute of veggies and other things you’d use regular cooking oil with even Dr. OZ made me think I had to have it to be healthy. So, one day I created a lip conditioning glossy jam in a jar.

My moisturizing masterpiece!

1 jar of coconut oil from the health food store

1 smashed spearmint candy (or old peppermint candy cane)

Take a scoop say tablespoon and place in a small microwaveable dish. 

Next, take the smashed tiny pieces of candy and stir in. Place in microwave for a few seconds. Keep your eye on it. You don’t need it in there long. DO NOT BURN.

Next, stir them together and place in a small glass jar or a plastic jar like ones you’d find with lip gloss in them. I love the dollar kinda stores, surplus or container stores. Pat down the mixture and so the lid will close nicely.

Let it cool and test on your lips, dahling! What you’ll have is a super shiny creamy soft lip sensation and a kissable breath freshening flavor too. Yummy!

Create this delight alone or with a friend or family member. Great to give as a stocking stuffer or a  just because I love you gift~

These are my lips with my Doll Face Pink Lipstick and my home-made lip jam over my lips. Pretty nice,huh? You can do it too~


The weather is getting cooler and there is a crispness in the air. If your skin is getting dehydrated try this!

1/2 cup of shea butter

2 tablespoons of brown sugar

MASH the two together. Apply on the body where you want a little extra moisture. Lasts a few weeks in the frig.

Naturally softer with this age old butter. Your skin will say…thank you!