Kiss Countdown…Slim is in~

slim sonic assorted

Sonic your teeth clean,tingle your gums,and get ready for a new way for fresh brushing.Say goodbye to your old toothbrush and say “Hello” to this slim is in sensation.Slim is in!
Violife IS my new BFF even my husband is addicted!

This brush is so chic,REASONABLY PRICED and brushes with 22,000 strokes per minute.
Great for travel,to keep handy at your desk or fits in a purse or briefcase!
Guess which one I own? The one with lips of course!

BE Kissable!

KISS countdown!


I admit it…I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE to get my teeth cleaned at the dentist’s office!!! Really! I love the way they clean the teeth,freshen the gums,polish my teeth and remove that naughty not so pretty tartar build up.
If you haven’t been to the dentist’s office lately nor ever had your teeth cleaned…you NEED to go.

To BE your KISSABLE best,smell fresh and look your best…make an appointment.
Did you know your heart health depends on it? Who knew? You want a HEALTHY heart don’t you?

If you can’t get to the dentist’s office and see the dental hygenist this is the next best thing I have found! Dazzle helps you polish your teeth like the dental office and best of all it is easy to do at home.

Get ready it is Kissing season! Valentine’s day is a week away.

JAGUAR love and kisses for MEN~

I created this lip balm for men years ago.I named it HELLO, Handsome. Who doesn’t love to hear those words?

Now, it’s all about the Khan-stache and our new Jaguars owner who has an identical mustache. I am always ahead of my time!!!

And the city appears to have fallen in love with Shad Khan.It was an exciting first game opener…Men I have spoken with say it appears the team has improved and  the new owner and coach is leading them the right way.

Protect your lips daily and at sports events  in the sun, Guys~

Did you know men get cancer of the lips more often than women . Why because we wear lipstick?

Guys.Take care of yourself and enjoy the new Jaguar season too! 

(Girls think about it and give him moisturized kissable lips)