A November to be …THANKFUL!

Thanking God that I can drive to work…not walk miles, wait on long lines and TRY and get on a bus to work.
Oh how I feel for the people who are on those long lines. My fellow New Yorker’s and New Jersey are AMAZING people. They do what they need to do. They band together. They CARE and love each other. I am one of them even though I live in Florida as well.

My heart is broken just like on 9/11 to watch them go through the motions. I am sad to see them suffer, cold,hungry and craving a warm shower or cozy bath.

By the way, my sisters have NO hot water, no heat and still no electricity and phone service. It’s only been over 3 days BUT it feels like forever. Praying.

I am truly THANKFUL for today and all I have. Are you?

I will truly miss the New Jersey shore

I can’t believe  it is gone. I have fond memories of visiting with my family. Especially with my twin. He loved the iconic beautiful old-time carousel. He loved going round and round and my mom and sisters wave to him as he passed by. I would choose the prettiest decorative horse to ride on. The beauty of the boardwalk, the summertime fabulous food. The cotton candy and candied apples. The tan I got on the beach with iodine and baby oil a recipe my sisters shared with me. I loved when my boyfriend half buried me and turned me into a beach mermaid made of sand. The games on the boardwalk where I won a giant cupcake cookie jar…that I still have years later. What fun~

I miss it and yet I had not been there in years….that’s what I get for being a workaholic. It was on my bucket list to take my husband there and to show him that and the Hampton’s my summertime playgrounds.

Those were the days…now overnight it is gone. If you’ve ever been there…you know what I mean. If you have never gone. I’m sorry you missed it. I know they will rebuild. But it will never be quite the same. Goodbye Sandy!

Thank you, Governor Christie…for all the love and heart you give to New Jersey…the Garden state.


When I get a chance to find it…I will post a family photo postcard from my family visits.