My nail polish mystery…

photo Essie

I am trying to get to the mystery of my nail polishes!

For the past few months I have picked up some awesome shades at my fav’ stores at fabulous discount prices.Like you I was thrilled to get a deal!!!

I bring it to my nail tech,get a mani & pedi and the polish is off and chipping in a few days! It doesn’t matter what brand but they are big names.Never happened quite like this before.Very discouraging when you want to look polished and pretty.The deal here is that it does not happen to me for full price polishes.

Is this happening to you?

Is this a case of OLD and not so fresh batches of nail lacquer that gets shipped to stores for a quick sale?

I am beginning to think it is.


I love ESSIE and a few other brands I have got a deal on too.Note this is no reflection on them. Just where and how I am buying the various polishes.


What is the Shelf Life of your MAKEUP?


Know when to "KISS your beauty ...Goodbye"


Basic beauty Breakdown!




  • Mascara = 3 months at the most
  • Liquid or Cream Foundation = 1 year or a bit longer. NOTE: It will somehow look different as well as smell bad once it is old.
  • Powder Foundation or Blush = Up to 2 years.
  • Eye and Lip Pencils = Up to 2 years. Sometimes they will stop gliding on like silk and, or smell rancid
  • Lipsticks or Glosses = Up to 2 years or more. However, if you notice a bad smell when in doubt, throw it out.
  • Skin Care = About 1 and a half years depending on them.
  • Eye Shadows = several years. However, if they do not move when applied….they definitley are old. 

Note: If you get an eye infection it is best to throw out all makeup!


Don’t be a dirty Beauty!

Dirty beauty=Dirty looking makeup.