Skin Care Tip

Where do I test drive a face cream before I buy it?

Not on your hands or fingers darling. As a professional makeup artist and skin therapist I suggest you place it where it goes and where you are going to wear it daily…your FACE!

There you will discover:

Is it creamy and dreamy? Light and airy? Does it apply effortlessly? Does It feel heavy? Above all do you like the way it feels,smells and looks on your skin?

Once you’ve done this and answered these questions in your mind…you are all set to purchase a new moisturizer or night cream.

As simple as it may be many women continue to test things on their hands. In this case face or neck is best!

applying body lotion care cosmetic product

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I love all things makeup and Halloween!


My friend has an awesome gift …this Halloween makeup is EVERYTHING isn’t it?
Alysha Carlo is a Professional Makeup Artist with a mobile, freelance, beauty business based in beautiful Miami! Specializing in eyebrow shaping, lash lifting, face painting and special FX makeup, she offers a well rounded list of services for her diverse clientele.
Thought some of you would find these photos fun and awe inspiring!
Happy Hallow’s Eve!

Bat Those Lashes…Sexy!

…I can’t wait to paint the town with these!!!SCOTT BARNES LASHES

If you like the look of JLO and the way her skin shimmers and her lashes.!

Scott Barnes should be your go to for his lashes and his product called BODY BLING!

He is handsome,talented and a wonderful celebrity makeup artist.Wish you could meet him.

Get ready for spreading some LOVE and do lots of lash batting and kissing.

Perfecting that perfect Liner & Lip!

Shadow Shields Liner tip

Even as a professional makeup artist I have trouble creating that perfect liquid eyeliner and pretty in place pout sometimes.

Those of you who are challenged you know this problem too. In all my travels for my work in beauty and play  I see many women and girls who go way overboard with eyeliner or the line is out-of-place  like a mountain view the liner is up and down. I also see this at cafes,the airport or out & about ladies applying their  lipstick on their lips and they then rub their lips together at the airport,in cafes and out and about.They are TRYING…but that is not what you are supposed to do.

IF you want a rescue to both these problems…Give Shadow Shields a test drive they are like a beauty bib for your boo boo’s and little makeup messes!

Super cool…

Thankful November

“Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many”. No one knows who said this but I think the  words are very powerful!

As a professional makeup-artist I hear so many negatives from women about aging and how unattractive they are getting with age. Even the younger ladies tell me this. We need to erase this kind of chatter!!!

I am truly THANKFUL  I am still in the game. Aging with grace and becoming even better with age. It beats the alternative. And you?

Doesn’t she look …delicious?

Sorry I have been up to my lips with life and my business and not had a chance to post. Being me is exhausting. I have so much to say since my last post on beauty finds from the NYC International Beauty Show. I promise I will post more.

Here is a peek inside of what I have been up to.

This photo shoot was LOTS of fun! The model was just perfect for what the client wanted and photographed wonderfully. Sometimes photo shoots are a challenge. At times the model is all about her and not about your needs. This shoot it was all about the client and our model Kelli was very willing and open to the makeup artist(me).

I wanted a look for her that was SWEET and approachable via the eye!

Doesn’t she look DELICIOUS? I

Football, Lip balm and ME!

I LOVE men!

 Yes, I love men. Masculine, manly, burly, hairy, bigger hands,tall and cute, handsome men. As a professional makeup artist, I love them even more. It is the start of football season and my first football game of the season. Either I work in and around the field in Jacksonville, FL or I work out of town to powder the faces of the guys who rock sports for on air games and other sports celebrities.

 It is football season …Yay! 

I have had the pleasure of making up men for golf, football players and sportcasters for years. I so enjoy being the go to girl for the faces of sports celebrities for years.  Yes, MEN wear makeup too. The guys need makeup, hair in place and their best suit on. The guys tell me they don’t like it but they do it for TV and to look their best for their job. I do make up to fit their face naturally.

My game day face begins getting to the stadium three hours before the game goes on the air. Yes, 3 hours! I have to go through security like the one you have to at the airport. My body and makeup cases. I have a case always filled and ready just for the game. I have everything I need at my fingertips and everything I don’t need just in case!

My afternoon and evening is spent on the broadcast floor with the VIPs, newscasters, sportswriters and more. I set my makeup station up outside the door of the on air broadcast booth. The open-air booth is small, open and hot. The camera men and other staff are there to hook the guys up with mic’ and more. I cannot work my magic in there it is very small as I mentioned. Therefore, I always choose a spot near the door and the restroom. It’s not glamorous but it works. The sportscasters are all suited up and ready for interviews, meet &  greets, and go on the field. I sit and wait patiently for them to be ready for makeup.

I have to catch them in-between this time they have to work pre-game. When they return they are hot even in Florida’s fall weather. This day I have all men on air talent. That means the sportcasters are all men.  Once in awhile there is a woman. I make the men polished, handsome and camera ready… with a soft touch of color to even out complexions and tone down shine.HD cameras are not very kind  so I must make them look good for the camera.

I support and love the teams but love oh love my fashion magazines. So, I bring a few magazines to read inbetween them needing me. It is a wait, makeup them up and wait game. Then its wait some more, make them up in half time and wait some more. I have to grab them as they go from the booth they are broadcasting in and the bathroom and time for a little powder on their face with me.

YES, I DO GET TO WATCH THE GAME if I want to and from th BEST place my husband thinks I do not appreciate…….the on air booth. But I prefer to stay out of the way and do my job from my hallway makeup station and wait until the guys call upon me.

At the end of the game, I stay longer to say my goodbyes and hand the guys a makeup-removing wipe. My night ends at 11:15pm OR 11:30pk and my day and work is done.

My fav’ face to paint? John Madden, Al Michaels and all the guys from FOX.

My fav’ station? FOX Sports network. They are the nicest company to work with. So are the SPORTCASTERS.

 My FAV’ Team? The Jaguars of course!

I love men and my life of makeup with them. Go Jag’s!

Next stop NYC to beauty report on Fashions Night Out. HAPPY me!