Rainbow I had to share!

RAINBOW SPELL TO BRING HAPPINESS AND JOY INTO YOUR HOME TOOLS: 7 candles 7 ribbons 7 flowers 1 rainbow sent from heaven The candles.ribbons.flowers will represent the 7 colors of the rainbow.1 for each color Here are the rainbow colors and the planet it represents RED: Mars ORANGE: Sun YELLOW: Moon GREEN: Mercury BLUE: Venus […]

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This is a new kit of colors I bought and they are talking to me!

Like candy in a candy shoppe this box shouts taste me.Today I created what I call Rainbow eyes. Three colors down the center of the eye creating a beautiful array of hues. I love the look.My clients did too.

It is crazy good time to make your eyes shine! Time to play and add some color to your world. No you won’t look like a clown. If properly and sparingly applied your eyes can look amazing and your spirit soar.

Women rockenjoy all that we can do!
Including playing with all the amazing colors of the summer!!!

Celebrate the red,white and blue and celebrate you too!

Day 12 to more beautiful skin

I hope you are enjoying a peek inside my next beauty book.It is such a pleasure to share them with you!

Nature’s Celebrities ROCK…NOT just celebrities!

For pretty amazing skin eat your veggie’s and fruits especially a rainbow of shades. Green,orange, yellow,white,red,yellow,eggplant. All these shades of foods make your skin look amazing and FEEL amazing. EAT them,juice them,make a smoothie out of them,stir them in salads or stir fry dishes. ENJOY!

Feed your skin from the inside out with God and Mother Nature’s green earth goodness.