Spa WEEK is almost here…can you say SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAH?


Oh there is a God and he wants us to be pampered and take care of our face,bodies and health.
I am so HAPPY to say it is that time again when SPA’S all over celebrate the industry and give us a glorious treat. $50.00 on select services from head to toe!

October 14th thru October 21st,2013
RUN to the phone now and start dialing or visit and click your appointment to beauty and relaxation.

His Eyes were glazed over!

I so wish I had taken a photo to show you. He (my husband) WAS back to the SPA.

Working seven days a week and not allowing much ME time, I insisted my husband join me for SPA week last week at the Ponte Vedra Inn SPA in sunny Florida.

We arrived around noon time for check in bathing suit in hand and ready to escape. I booked an appt. for an Old World Exfoliating body treatment to slough off dead skin cells , detox and moisturize to  shed away his stress. I WANTED my sweetie back. The nice guy whose on a life high… Not Mr.Tension!

The guy who helps Santa every year! 

After you are welcomed back to PARADISE by the spa receptionists and locker room attendants. (Though we were 45 minutes from our home.) We felt we had landed on a private Island. We got undressed into their cozy spa robes and slippers. 

This spa is awesome and breathtaking. It’s design and layout makes you succumb to RELAX and be taken away for the day. He rejuvenated in the whirlpool, steam room and sauna. “Good Bye to toxins and Hello sweat”. He melted like the witch from the Wizard of OZ !

He drank, Spa water, ate fresh red apples and relaxed beside the pool.He swam his laps and enjoyed a cool afternoon in the sun. It was a gorgeous day!

Later, he joined me for a late lunch in the spa lounge cafe.  The menu was delightful and delicious as usual.

He had the salmon cooked to perfection. I had a unique salad with watermelon, chick peas and lathered in lovely dressing greens. Endless sparkling water was served along with a yummy roll.

He came out glazed eyes,starry-eyed and…  he was Prince Charming again.

THANKS  to Ponte Vedra Spa and INN you did it again. Can’t wait to go back…we  feel awesome and still are daydreaming about our time in the sun and at your spa.

This time to partake of the spa and all its amenities BEFORE the holiday rush and to buy gift certificates! If you come to sunny Florida or are passing through over the holidays or early next year. Discover this beautiful place. A real spa! A gorgeous SPA  boutique AND services to relax and delight your senses.

Love yourself, take care of yourself…if you don’t , WHO will?

It’s time for ME time…SPA week!

Say ” Hello to Fall”  SPA week is in full swing all across the country!  What this means  is $50.00 spa services at participating spas, plastic surgery clinics and salons. $50.00 YES, $50.00 on a potpourri of  spa services.

Why  wouldn’t you want to go?

1. Polish yourself pretty with an exfoliation  treatment and shed that tired skin and toxins. You will fall in  love with the Beauty Therapist who does this and so will your skin.

2.Get your face cleaned BY A PRO with a facial for flawless better looking skin! Try the new Oxygen lift that brightens your skin and makes you feel amazing too.

3.Refresh your eyes  with a marine algae treatment that hydrates and makes your eyes come alive.

4.Soften up your soles with an aromatherapy pedicure! You look at your feet for days and  wonder why you never had one sooner.

5. Paint the town  pink,purple,red or daring catwalk denim blue with a fresh manicure! French nails are so yesterday! Color is everywhere.

6.Get a hair conditioning and invigorating  scalp treatment and hydrate your hair from scalp to the ends. Can you say…shiny? Your hair will glow and look so much healthier.

7. Experience Acupuncture at participating places you can find this Ancient Asian Art for wellness.

8.Try a couples massage or go it alone. MASSAGE is a must in this on the go times. Have a massage therapist turn you into an ice cream cone and melt.RELAX!

9.Book a neck anc chest facial. It’s called a BREACIAL in some places. This delicate skin needs love too.

10. Say “Goodbye to brown spots” on your  face to a facial treatment that lightens sun spots and hyperpigmentation.

11. Try threading the ancient Art from India for removing unwanted hair. They’ll shape your brows, remove a mustache and any other hair growing  wild that you do not like.

12. Get a brow shaping with a true BROW ARTIST they will give you the STAR style brows you want. Did you know getting your brows arched and hair removed can actually make you look younger?

13. Book an appointment for a Brazilian and get the hair removed you do not want in areas you dreamed of.

14.  Get a heated mitten hand and foot treatment with delightful, high quality aromatic  moisturizing elixirs.

15. A Reflexology foot massage is all you need for  balance and pressure point therapy.

16. Get a skin tightening anti-aging lift to your face.

All of the above and more  are a recipe for a fresh revitalized you. It ends this  Sunday.  Awesome values, fabulous array of  treatments and services. Simply the best.

PAMPERING  isn’t a bad word. Healthy skin and nurturing your body, mind and spirit is a necessity!  You only get one face and body in your lifetime…take care of it.

Don’t take your health for granted.

You know the saying ” No rest for the weary”…REST!  Book an appointment!

Spa week ends this Sunday~

Stay tuned for  MY  SPA trips from NYC, Florida… to LA! It’s  a beauty filled Spa Week~ 

Lights, Camera, Beauty!

The City shined and was even prettier when the International Beauty show AND IECSC shows arrived in town. Anyone whose anybody in the land of beauty, lotions and potions…came to the city from ALL OVER THE WORLD.

As for the show, the booths were filled with beautiful ideas, bright colored products and gorgeous looks on models. This is the educational beauty red carpet event that I am not only honored to speak at but to attend every year.

Wish you were there.

The stage presentations dazzled with glitz and glam. While it rained outside the professionals, spa owners and salon owners poured inside to stock up on the latest and greatest in beauty. They also attended mega amounts of classes to show them HOW-TO’s, business support and new ideas to make their client’s look and feel amazing! 

Here is what’s HOT NOW: 

  • Anything bright from makeup, to makeup brushes to hair tints and more.
  •  Hair had an anything goes kind of attitude but healthy and shiny hair rocked the shows.
  • Argon and Moroccan oil still are on trend.
  • Long lasting shiny pretty nails in candy coated colors ruled.
  • Colored hair extensions reigned supreme fun!
  • Skin has never been more in~FarmHouse Fresh made our skin feel delicious!
  • Makeup was hot hued… colored liners, colored eye shadows and mascaras too.
  • LIPS were smoochie from clear to shiny to matte highly pigmented color~
  • Male skin care is all the rage. ORGANIC Male4om is what he wants!
  • It was one big cocktail party of beauty!

 If you are a FAN of Real Housewives of Atlanta, you would have been green with envy. No, I did not rub elbows with the Nee Nee and the girls. I met the one and only DWIGHT the Colin Cowie of Atlanta. Event and party planner and fashionista galore. He was warm and posed for photos like a MODEL celebrity pro!

After three glorious days of two fabulous beauty shows, I spent time all around NYC with my sisters and friends. Ate dim sum until my Spanx puffed out and enjoyed my fav’ delicious places all around the city.  I also spaaaaaaaaaaahed just in time for SPA week. I got buffed and sloughed with a peaches and cream glow at the The Origo Spa, a hidden treasure in Chinatown. Little Italy for a creamy cappuccino and a decadent cannoli rocked my mouth. Now, back I am in a “fog of beauty”.

Bundles to unpack and more fun to be had in my makeup studio!!!

New York, New York a hell of a FABULOUS town~


Spa Week in Jacksonville Florida area SOLD OUT

I always want to keep you in the know as a Beauty Concierge. If you live in Jacksonville, Florida and were excited about my blog on SPA week that is celebrated all over the country in Spring and Fall. So SORRY all booked and SOLD OUT in Jacksonville area/ Ponte Vedra Beach. SPA week April 16 to 22, 2012 all over Florida and USA.

However, if you travel for fun or business you CAN get an appointment at a spa ALL OVER the country. I booked several services at a MAGICAL $50.00 a service. Facials,massage,cupping,acupuncture,body treatments and the list goes on. Go ahead pamper and take care of yourself! WORTH a trip.

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Passport to Beauty & Relaxation

Passport to Beauty & Relaxation

Spa week is coming!

ALL over the country participating spas are celebrating this time of year with $50.00 SPA treatments. I’M BOOKING are you?

Get acquainted, save money and enjoy a delightful deal just for you or bring your sweetie or a family member or BFF.

A trip to a day spas isn’t just about the fabulous priced $50.00 beauty treatment… it’s also about the experience and your time spent as your treatment service entitles you to enjoy the spa all day. Partake of the relaxation room, chill down with a fresh citrus, cucumber or strawberry water. Enjoy the sauna and whirlpool and maybe relax by the pool depending where you are in the country. $50.00 and an appointment booked for healthy glowing  skin is your passport to beauty and health~

Life is shorter than you think… open up and say SPA and FEEL the relaxation….