This spring in fashion & beauty anything goes!

JOVAN JANE headbands
There’s a rainbow of hues just waiting for you!
…In beauty,fashion,hair accessories and more.

It is the happiest Spring I have ever seen and summer is going to be just as fabulous and COLORFUL! Life is good!

Don’t you just LOVE these beautiful headbands I found?
They are simply gorgeous in person! The designer is Jovan Jane and she makes other items like hats and more.My fashionable life is not the same with Jovan Jane. Too cute and sexy too!
Visit her website…. Spice things up!

Behind the scenes of a TV show today!

photo 3-2013 TVToday I featured Spring beauty and how you can color your face and world with the gorgeous new shades this spring.

Emerald green as Pantone the color genius company has declared is the #1 new shade to consider wearing in clothes and in makeup.

Baked beauty in base, blusher and eyeshades is a rage that is not going away and the formula glides on like silk and looks beautiful on the face.

Luscious lipstains are stronger than ever.

Everything old is new again! There are all kinds of looks from retro glam to todays colorful faces.

Nail lovers rejoice because it is going to be an even more bold and colorful spring for you from poppy,citrus,to lilac to metallics.It is a nail polish festival out there! Personally speaking I am addicted to OPI!

Face primers will make all your colors cling and last on the face longer. Loose HD face powder will make your face makeup look picture perfect for a porefect look.

Treat yourself to something fabulous and fun this season. A new lipstick and nail shade can make your look updated and happy in a flash!

For a video on today’s segment please click on click the Morning Show or type in Noreen Young in the search tool bar.

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Hello,Spring you bloom in my heart today!

Welcome gorgeous, happy and sun filled spring.

Last week I felt it’s early arrival in New York City now I sip a brew of hot jasmine tea and enjoy it in my garden chair. I had to stay home today and cancel my work day due to my hectic schdeule and or  travels have given me that run down flu bug and no voice.I wish I could speak today but all I can utter is an ugly struggling whisper.No fun having only the energy to sit or lay down in bed. I want to celebrate the beauty of today and the season that blooms in my heart today. I wil pick a few herbs to make a bouquet with and settle for a day to continue in bed resting. The rest of my week is full…I only hope I don’t have to cancel more days for this.

 I love Spring… it so makes my eyes and heart sing! Your garden of earthly delights make my life so rich!

Enjoy the riches in life and the eye candy our world has to offer.