No sunscreen makes me want to scream!

Sunscreen beach 2014 photo

When you head out to enjoy the long 4th of July holiday weekend.

Don’t forget this…SUNSCREEN!

Whether on the beach,sunbathing,walking,playing golf,active in sports,bike riding,surfing,or on a boat. You need to be protected. And by the way just because you have a medium to dark complexion doesn’t mean you don’t need it.
ALL faces,bodies and skin types can get BURNED. Even BABIES need protection!!!

Now don’t get me wrong, you can spend time outdoors and escape for a beautiful walk on the beach. However,you’ve gotta protect your skin and your health! Don’t you?

I LOVVVVVE the way the sun kisses my face daily. I love spending time in the sun.But everything in healthy moderation and the right protection.I am a skin professional who simply wants to HELP you be sun smart.

My sister was diagnosed with Squamous cell skin cancer, my other sister was diagnosed with Melanoma and they don’t even spend time in the sun.They sunbathed just a little when they were teens.They never used a tanning bed and since they live so far from a beach they don’t spend any time at the beach or outdoors except to go in and out of their house door or car. Now,after their diagnosis they stay completely out of the sun and use sunscreen.

Skin cancer is on the rise.
It should be no surprise! MOST people are not skin smart these days.
Don’t be one of the not so pretty or fatal statistics.
Protect yourself!
LOVE that skin and body you’re in.
You’ll be glad you did.

I am a breast cancer survivor~

This month is Breast Cancer Awareness month and a time you should make sure to book your mammogram. It’s also time to let you know not all breast cancer is in the breast. It is ON the breast. I am a breast SKIN  cancer survivor. I joined a club I didn’t want to join, has tons of members and no annual dues.

It all started with a brown spot like a cupcake chocolate dot decoration small and round but raised. I found it on my breast. I had no idea this would lead to SKIN CANCER called Squamous cell carcinoma. The day of my surgery ANOTHER spot appeared on the same breast. Hours in the operating room with Mohs Surgery a special kind of surgery just for this. $5,000.00 WORTH OF SURGERY and medical bills,terrified, I did not think I’d make it later. I am telling everyone I can tell or who will listen!


It can come from a bad sunburn when you were a child, a suntan booth or baking like a chocolate chip cookie in the sunshine!

Skin cancer is very sneaky…one is basal cell, the next type is Squamous cell and the last and most deadly is melanoma. It can pop up out of no where and look like a beauty mark…some may be but most likely will be some form of skin cancer. Wear sunscreen girls and guys! PROTECT your face and body. Get a check up yearly especially if you live in a tropical climate with lots of sunshine. While I love the sun… and sunbathing. I don’t ever want to go through this scare and health drama again.

I don’t feel very pretty anymore especially with my scars.

But I am happy to be alive!!!

I care about you and your skin health too! Take care of yourself. GUYS too!