Wanna Be kissed?

NAF heel

IF YOU WANT TO BE KISSED…you might want to give her this OR give yourself this!

Looks like a high heel with studs. But it has got a twist this is the bottle for the fragrance.This SEXY scent drives men AND me wild! It is called Stiletto by Amy Nicole.
It is a sexy mix of wonderful! CAN YOU SMELL IT?
I just sprayed you with it!

If you want to be kissed…don’t forget to give a scent like this.Fragrance is a sexy, sensual and a memorable gift.

Be Kissable! Counting down to St.Valentine’s DAY!




Wanna smell like Olivia fro the Gatsby Salon in Bravo’s Jerseylicious?
Here you go …a sexy fragrance called Stiletto. You’ll kick your high heels off for this fragrance.
I am so in love…with the bottle and the box! And of course the
sultry fragrance.I’ll share with you more on my visit to the one and only Gatsby Salon…from one Jersey/New York girl about another.

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