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Today I stopped by one of my favorite big-box discount stores. I enjoyed my quick browse and shop run down the aisles of the store.

The checkout was next. A woman in her late 30’s or more browsing the aisle at the register with all the OTHER items they want you to buy told me to go ahead of her on line. So, I did. As I waited I heard clicking sound of things being picked up and like put down and back. This went on minutes. I turned around and what did I see? This woman was TRYING ON 💅 the shelf filled with nail polishes!!!

Every color or so it appeared!

🤢 Yuck! 😡 I was so mad. I could not believe my eyes! I wanted to tell her do you know how unsanitary that is?

Do you know they have a price on them because the nail polishes are for FOR SALE! NOT for you to try on.

I looked around for someone in management but no one was around and I was pressed for time.

Have you ever experienced this?

It is a health hazard and can spread bacteria and germs! That’s why non-discount stores have testers. Testers are for you to be able to TEST drive the colors, creams or fragrance.

My beauty words of wisdom for the day! End of rant.

YOUR thoughts???


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You’ll kick up your heels for Chicago!

photoLIP SHOESAnother fabulous trip to Chicago and I managed to fit in time to shop till I dropped. The weather amazing and the city oh so fun and CLEAN! I love this city as much as my NYC. While browsing all the shops including the Magnificent Mile of shopping and eating ….I came across a colorful,friendly staffed shop with the most AMAZING & TRULY UNIQUE SHOES.The shoe store is called AKIRA and next time you visit the city you must make them one of your stops to shop.

I am addicted to all things makeup,beauty and skin care BUT fashion lured me and I had to share with you. I found the cutest,sexiest and unique things. These shoes are something else aren’t they?
YOU know how much I love lips! If you don’t know you do now!