You must address your stress!

The weather outside is delightful but stress is kinda frightful.

As a business owner I have no time to spare and write  in my blog. I am like you trying to get it all done and my  work done. Since I too am stressed I had to share with you a few ways that help make my exhausted mood  too.

Always eat a good breakfast ! Drinking coffee or tea simply won’t do. You must nourish your body, to do everything you want it to do that day.

Keep hydrated. Drink lots of water.

I am not a doctor nor to I pretend to be one. However, I found a product from Bee-Alive that helps you under stress and has a unique blend of mood balancers. It’s called Rhodiola Plus.which really is a mood enhancer, mental & physical stress support. If you have questions consult your doctor for his input before using.

Snack on some fruit or crunchy veggies during the day. NOT cupcakes and chips.

Sprinkle the sheets and pillow cases with lavender baby body powder. Its soft scented and is very relaxing  and helps you rest better.

Take a warm bath in epsom salts after a long, hard day. Epsom salts do wonders for your muscles and you can soak those cares of the day away.They cost a dollar and will give you over 6 baths.

If  you have time to spare book a mini massage at the mall they have a relaxation station.Or go to a chain or your fav’ massage therapist. Massage works and the results stay with you for hours and hours.

Try a soothing  body lotion or hand cream. Soften  your skin with a scent that makes you HAPPY!  Wrap yourself in bliss…I love and do use this it is a mood adjuster for sure.

Chamomile  TEA drink some warm and cozy up in your bed or fav’ chair and read a book or write a letter or Christmas cards. It tastes exotic and you may add a dash of Agave nectar for sweetness. No milk nor cream please.

Listen to pretty music. David Young’s Bliss rocks my room and life with delightful soothing music.

I hope these tips will help you like they do me.

CHILL out and enjoy the reason for the season.