Relaxing Gifts…

IMG_0188.JPGSometimes giving a gift means giving one to yourself!

I think self-care is so important especially this crazy but beautiful time of year. I love to support the makers. You know sweet and small companies who make things with their hands. Like me. I love to whip up many beautiful things.

Rosie’s Handmade Jax makes an Aromatherapy Hot Pack that may be used hot or cold for when you need to relax and chill out and say “Goodbye to the bad days.”

Natural pain relief made by a MOMMY  (FYI Rosie is her little daughter) in Jacksonville Florida!  Made with 100% premium cotton and well made at that!

Lovely lavender takes the cares and stress away.

Do you or anyone on your list get migraine headaches or simply exhausted from working at the computer all day? Rosie’s HandmadeJax has a pack for your eyes too.

Find them on Instagram and Facebook at:


I’ve so loved these two handmade relaxing & calming beauties the past few weeks and simply had to share! You just might fall in love with them too! Or to give as a gift this holiday season.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on gifts! It truly is the thought you put into  that gift counts.

Come back to my blog for more gifts to make the people in your life smile!








It was a crazy busy week last week and now it is pouring into this week too. I feel tired and feel like I look it.

I discovered these green tea gems recently and felt now is the time to give them a test drive!!!

The company says these eye pads will lift,brighten,de-puff and moisturize.

They contain micro-infused collagen gel pads with aloe,vitamins C & E,amino acids,antioxidant rich green tea extract and energzing taurine… they are Paraben-free,cruelty free. I’ll bet that you ladies with allergies would love them too.

They call it the energy drink for your face!!! Celebrities love it.

TONIGHT is the night I hope my skin will drink it up…I have my beauty and lifestyle segment on TV tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

Lost in LIFE!

Have you ever been so busy and have so much to do that you got lost in it all?

Than you know how it feels to be me. If you are new to me..Welcome ! If you’re not and miss my posts. I am sorry.I’M POOPED! Exhausted!  I miss being HAPPY me and not so crazy busy like this ME. I’m back and have so much to share with you. Stay tuned to another day in my life and travel too.