Happy Valentine’s Day!

πŸ‘„Don’t forget to wear a gorgeous lipstick πŸ’„ today!

πŸ‘„Sprinkle Kindness wherever you go today.

πŸ‘„ Tell people you love ❀️ that you love them. Remind them. Don’t assume.

πŸ‘„ Hug a stranger at Starbucks or CVS today. Ask them with a smile first. You never know who may need one.

πŸ‘„ But some donuts 🍩 and share with the office today.

πŸ‘„Buy yourself a bouquet πŸ’ of flowers or a single rose. TOMORROW or Sunday when they will be cheaper!

πŸ‘„ Treat Yourself to something today. Be your own Valentine.

πŸ‘„ Get your kiss πŸ’‹ on!

Have a beautiful day wherever you live!