12 Reasons why I love the Hampton Inn Hotels

I travel for my makeup assignments,guest speaking assignments,beauty and fun~ I also love to travel with my husband sometimes on his business travels. He loves to stay at Hampton and so do I. Yes, I do love the Ritz Carlton but Hampton Inn rocks my world too. If you’ve never stayed in one perhaps nows the time.

1.Clean hotels, outside, lobby and rooms. You can eat of the bathroom floor it is so clean.

2.COZY bedding,pillows not to stuffy and fluffy and not so flat you get a neck ache. Soft sheets~

3.Forgetting your toothbrush, shaver or toothpaste…not a problem. Go to the front desk …They’ve got you covered FREE~ Ladies listen up…They even have the most AMAZING makeup wipe towelettes!

4. Coffee, tea, hot cocoa, apples, oranges for me 24 hours a day.

5.Always wake me up on time.

6.Newspaper daily in the lobby

7.Living room, TV and desk near lobby to enjoy if I need.

8. Office room available.

9.Exercise room available.

10.Mini refrigerator in most Hampton Inn rooms

11.Mini microwave ”                      ”

12. Fresh baked cookies around 5:00 or 5:30 PM and its  FREE!

13.Mini coffee pot in room for late night chamomile tea or decaf coffee.

14. breakfast served daily….FREE  Choose for eggs, sausage, bacon, hot oatmeal, cereal, fresh juices, Activia,fresh fruit bowls, muffins, pastries assorted and more~

15. On the run? NO time for thee…stope by the front desk for a brown bag filled with delights for on the road unto your next meeting or next stop.

16. Wi-fi internet access in your room

17.  TOP on the list! The smiling staff whose smiles and kind service actually greet you like they care.

They really open you with open arms the way they treat you. Our absolute fav’ stays are at Viera, Florida and Gainesville, Florida! (And outside the magnificent grounds of Yellow Stone Park)

If you’re looking for a home away from home…on the road and a safe place to stay. Stay at a Hampton Inn.

I hope they will give you what we get nothing but the best~

As you can see 12 reasons were not enough my list GREW longer~