PHOTO TAXI While window shopping back home on my way to meet friends for lunch I could not resist what caught my eye! Low on a shelf at a Fifth Avenue store I came across this sparkling cab find.

Window shopping is the BEST! Don’t even know the price just thought the purse was unique and nice. In New York you have to look up and down and all around. Not just straight ahead.

Thought you’d get a kick out of it too.

Manhattan continues to…

Excite and delight me!

I just got back from guest speaking in NYC at  beauty conferences and attended beauty events. It was COLD but it warmed up a bit when I was ready to play after working three days. I window shopped and shopped until I dropped.

Enjoyed street food and then made time for family. There’s truly NYC WINDOW.No place like home! I miss NYC so much.

I am exhausted,not feeling very pretty but wanted to post a blog to let you know I am alive and kickin!

Stay tuned…I will share the trends,what I saw on the streets and of course FOOD stops along the way.

By the way, don’t you just LOVE this photo of a store window at Bergdorf Goodman Dept. store.

I love the mix of black and white fashions and accessories and the unexpected giant eye lashes. Don’t you???

The Magic of Macy’s, Lip Love and New York City!

photo Marilyn Monroe

Those of you who read my blog know I am obsessed with all things lips…including my own. Lips say so much even without saying a word. On my recent work and play trip to NYC,I browsed the windows before I shopped inside Macy’s. I love to do this and feel like Audrey Hepburn in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s.This store has my heart too.
This photo is one of several windows that Macy’s featured in a tribute to Marilyn Monroe! You can see why I loved it besides my passion for lips and fashion!

If you’ve never been you must see this giant store I so adore. I used to sell cosmetics there doing cosmetic promotions. Macy’s where you live? It’s not quite the same. This is an iconic landmark, a tourist attraction a sight to behold and to shop the day away.
They not only have fabulous shopping and prices. They have an amazing array of eateries and delightful food, bakery and chocolate departments.

If you go to NYC sign up in the customer service department for their special one day discount card and a free MACY’S gift if you shop till you drop and spend a nominal amount on goodies.
Macy’s LOVE TOURISTS and out-of-town guests!

Let’s not forget all they do for us at Thanksgiving with the Macy’s Day parade…spreading happiness, love & Santa~
I love THE MAGIC OF and shopping at Macy’s Herald Square Department store. If you haven’t been add it to your Bucket List of places to go! Shop on!