I love Instagram…do you?

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Let’s follow each other on Instagram and be a fierce force of bloggers that SUPPORT each others words!

I try and blog as often as I can sometimes from hotel rooms. I LOVE it.

Each of your blogs is a work of art to me!!! Even if I can’t follow every one of you. Your words MOVE me and stir up my sweet spirit & imagination.

BLOGGING…It is a unique friendship to have even though we have never met.

*If you have an Instagram account follow me I will follow you back.

New Years Resolutions!

Do you want to share yours?

I don’t ever make them…I think I made them once or twice.

I think that they are a waste of words. A list you can’t resist making but never keep.

However, I do wish ALL of you who do them the best of luck at keeping them. And I wish you EVERYTHING your heart desires in the NEW YEAR!


Cat Calls!

noreenB53A7512_printHi,Gorgeous! Don’t you just LOVE the way that sounds? Today in the heart of a crazy stress filled day. It happened. I was in a parking lot going to my car and there he was whizzing by in his car. Didn’t see his face but heard these two words. WOW! I have heard words like these back home in NYC or other major cities but not in sunny Florida. Some girls call them cat calls…I call them a nice verbal gift that gives you a lift. I didn’t know what really happened or what he said at first. I was so focused on my next errand. Then it dawned on me…the words he uttered with such enthusiasm.“Hi,Gorgeous!” For at least a day…I will believe the words this stranger sent my way. I feel good.