Green Smoothie for Shopping 🛍 !

I know we are all under pressure to manage our TO DO list this month. Wether holiday shopping or simply doing what you need to get done. We need energy. And not sugary things. Sip your fruit and veggies.

So I wanted to share one of my many smoothie recipes that I enjoy with you.

What you will need for this recipe:

1 cup of frozen pineapple

3 handfuls of fresh spinach

1 frozen banana

1 cup of coconut water

A few pieces of fresh mint leaves

1 squeeze of fresh lemon

1/2 cup of water (optional)

Place all your liquids in the blender. Add your green 🍃 leafy veggies, blend for at least 25-30 seconds. Lastly add fruit and herbs. Blend until smooth.

Pour into a tall glass and enjoy. It is even more delicious when you share it with those you ❤️ love!

I like to play with this creamy refreshing recipe! If you don’t have one fruit or veggie substitute with another. It’s so much fun and better than buying them. Do it yourself and know what’s in it!

For Peeps sake…

Why can’t I stop eating those iconic marshmallow Peeps chicks 🐣 and bunnies 🐰??? I am not picky about the color either. “Hello,yellow, mint,purple and blue”… it doesn’t matter what color it is I LOVE them ALL !!!

I know better and my skin and body do too!

I am a twin and I think one side of me 💕loves sweet and delightful on the tongue. The other side of me 💕 loves, broccoli, green peppers, celery,sweet potatoes, mixed salad greens,corn,apples,bananas and more!

For Peeps sake… do you have this sweet and squishy marshmallow obsession?

Let me know. Let’s chat 💬 Peeps!

Cozy Kitchen hacks to warm you up from your kitchen…

I love this time of year! The season we look forward to with the yummiest of foods and more. So, here are my fav’ things to do or make around this time of year especially!

Add some dark chocolate and maybe throw in a hot pepper for a little or a lot of kick when making a pot of chili.

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Have OLD unused Mulling Spices in your cabinets?

I do and a few nights ago until now I am enjoying all the spices: Allspice,cinnamon,orange peel and cloves. I made a pot of Stove Top Potpourri for my home. All you do is take one or two handful of it and toss it in some boiling water and leave on stove top on low. My house smells AMAZING. It is like perfume for your home but not from a plug in or spray can. Healthier too.

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Another cozy thing I like to brew is some hot tea or cider and embellish with orange rinds,dried apple slices,cinnamon sticks,cherries,star anise and nutmeg. SO fun and delicious.

Next recipe sweeten up your wontons!

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Next time you make Chinese food or you feel like a won ton. Make dessert version with a crunchy twist.

Sweet Wonton Crispy Delights

What you will need for this easy recipe:

1 dozen won ton wrappers (*or more)


Cinnamon sugar or Brown sugar

Brush a little melted butter over each won ton.

Sprinkle a dash of cinnamon over the top.

Sprinkle brown sugar over that.

Bake in oven until slightly golden brown.

Take out and serve with jasmine or green tea,coffee or a glass of milk. YUM!

Maple Bacon with a Twist

Love bacon? Me too! Sometimes too much.

If you want to sweeten up your bacon and on the cheap! Simple place your bacon slices in the pan. Pour a dash of a quality MAPLE syrup over them. OMG! You haven’t lived until you tasted this bacon. My husband asked me why it tastes so good? Because he knows the plain bacon doesn’t taste quite like that. I call it my Secret Bacon. Oh and have this beyond eggs in the morning on a BLT sandwich and you will love it even more!

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I hope you enjoyed today’s hacks and will come back for more!

More Sprinkles please!

Anybody having all kinds of pandemic cravings? I am. Although I want my skin to look it’s best and my body to remain the same. I’m craving ice cream!

Any way I can have it. 🍨 Ice Cream in a bowl with sprinkles. Banana splits all the way and ice cream 🍦 cones!

Ice cream 🥤 sodas!

It is crazy. But comforting.

Are you? What is your favorite flavor ice cream? What are you craving?

I look forward to a trip to our local ice cream 🍦 place called Dreamette … to CELEBRATE 🎉 the quarantine and lockdown being over!

Tonight I might just dip my husband in sprinkles and pretend he’s an ice cream cone! 😜 Just can’t get enough ice cream!

two ice cream cups

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brown cake on white ceramic plate

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assorted flavor ice cream on gray metal buffet server

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Panera Bread Mac & Cheese — In Dianes Kitchen

Can’t wait to try this recipe this weekend. In Dianes Kitchen never disappoints!


What a delicious copycat recipe of Panera Bread Mac & Cheese that is full of white cheddar and white American cheese. This is easy to make and it is made completely on top of the stove. This was very, very good and it takes less than 30 minutes to make. Source: Six Sisters’ Stuff Copycat […]

via Panera Bread Mac & Cheese — In Dianes Kitchen

Easter Egg YUM and fun!

These were a huge hit for Easter last year. My daughter was my inspiration to make these. She brought some to Easter dinner a few years back. Aren’t they perfect for Easter! They are really simple to make, you color the hard boiled egg halves. Then proceed like you do with any deviled eggs. […]

via Easter Deviled Eggs — In Dianes Kitchen

Quiche Me Quick!

photo QUICHE


I mentioned when I started this blog I like to cook and makeup and I wanted to share a few recipes from time to time with you. Some beauty and some food!

The hurricane got in our way so we couldn’t getaway out of town like we planned.So I got in the kitchen and got to cooking. I just made a few quiche while giving myself a Greek Yogurt and organic honey face mask. The QUICHE turned out yummy and awesome don’t you agree?

Do you like to collect recipes an recipe books? Or COOK and prepare the recipes?

My sweet and savory husband thinks I like to kiss more than I cook. He can’t believe how many recipe books I collect but he thinks they collect dust instead of getting read you see. I disagree. Look at this cheesy luscious quiche! It is made with brie,scallions,cherry tomatoes,Swiss cheese and a vat of butter.(only kidding)

I’d love to hear from you too and hear about any recipes  you’d like to share with me too. My schedule is hectic, days are long and sometimes I am way too tired to cook.

But as I mentioned I do love to cook as much as I love to make up my face and paint my pout!